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Delivery note templates with invoicing software, Word and Excel

A delivery note, or ‘proof of delivery’, is a type of document that businesses send to their customers when they dispatch goods. Although they are normally printed, it’s also possible to send a delivery note as an email. Delivery notes are highly useful for both businesses and their customers.

A delivery note template or ‘proof of delivery template’ is a premade delivery note format you have saved so that you don’t have to create a new one from scratch every time you want to create a delivery note

Using delivery notes can help a business get a better overview of their input and output, whilst also giving their customers a way to check they have received all of the products they paid for. If anything is missing, the recipient can quickly respond and contact the sender, using the delivery note to inform both parties what is wrong with the delivery.

It’s common for a business to use a delivery note template to help them create their delivery notes. Here, we take a look at the different ways you can create a delivery note template, what information you should include on your delivery note, and how invoicing software can simplify this process for you.

What is a delivery note template?

A delivery note template is a premade form that you can use to create your delivery notes without having to start from scratch every time. If you use a delivery note template, you only need to add the necessary information about that particular customer order, and you don’t need to worry about organising the layout or form of the delivery note every time.

Delivery note format

Unlike an invoice, there are no legal requirements about what a proof of delivery template must include. However, as they have become more standardised, there is some basic information every delivery note template is expected to have. Your delivery note should include:

  • The contact information of both the supplier and the customer
  • Dates of when the order was placed and when the products were delivered
  • A delivery note number
  • A list of the goods that are included in the delivery.

As the same information should be included on every delivery note, it makes sense to have a blank delivery note template that you can quickly use to fill in. There are, however, lots of different types of delivery note templates you can have.

Using Debitoor to create your delivery note template

You may use invoicing software to create your delivery note template. If you use invoicing software, you should find the software automatically transfers the necessary information from your invoices to your delivery note, making it even easier to create.

Rather than having to download a document or spreadsheet from the web or have one saved on your computer, you can fill out the information in the software itself and it will generate a delivery note for you.

Fill in this online delivery note template with Debitoor to generate bespoke delivery notes within minutes

If you choose to use invoicing software, a delivery note format for a bike sale for example, may look like the following:

This is a sample of a delivery note created using Debitoor invoicing software

The benefits of creating delivery notes with invoicing software

The benefits of using invoicing software to create your delivery notes is that you’ll never need to create the template yourself. All of the necessary fields will already be included, and you won’t ever worry that you missed something when designing it.

Moreover, the software will make sure that your delivery note looks the same as your invoices, ensuring consistency throughout all of your communications with your client.

Other ways of creating your delivery note template

There are, however, other programmes you can use to create your delivery note template. The most common programmes to use are Microsoft Word or Excel. Rather than using specific software that will import your information to your delivery note, these blank delivery note templates would be saved on your computer, ready for you to fill in manually.

Delivery note Word template

If you choose, you can easily create a delivery note template in a word document. You can either design one for yourself or easily search online to find a delivery note template in Word format that you can download for free. Here’s how a delivery note may look when you create a delivery note Word template:

This is an example of how your proof of delivery may look if you use a word delivery note template

The benefits of using Microsoft Word for your delivery note template

If you create your delivery note or order form template in Word, it’s very easy to change edit the design or adjust the layout. You have a lot of flexibility. It will be easy for you to add additional information or pictures if needed and is very intuitive to use.

Delivery note Excel template

There is not a huge difference between using a Word or Excel delivery note template. It is simply a matter of preference between the two programmes. Below is an example of how a delivery note may look if created in Microsoft Excel.

This is a sample delivery note that has been created in Excel

The benefits of using Microsoft Excel for your delivery note template

If you use an Excel delivery note template, you will naturally be able to work with more complex functions than Word. You will be able to use the programme to calculate your prices for you and there are more possibilities for automatisation which will simplify your work.

However, using a spreadsheet format can make it more complicated to edit your text and you have to spend far more time formatting the cells to get the overall look you want. It may also take significantly longer for you to create your blank Excel template the first time.