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Delivery note - What is a delivery note?

A delivery note is a document that accompanies a shipment of goods, providing the description, unit, and quantity of the goods included in the delivery

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A delivery note describes what a package contains - including details about the type and the quantity of goods delivered.

It also describes whether any goods in the original order are not enclosed - thereby providing an overview of what the recipient has ordered and what has been sent in that particular delivery.

In some cases, a copy of the delivery note is signed by the recipient and then returned to the seller or consignor as proof of delivery.

What a delivery note should include

Although delivery notes are optional, each delivery note sent should still follow a set of requirements for information in order to ensure clear communication) to both the sender and the customer receiving the goods. This includes:

  • The name and contact details of the seller
  • Name and contact details of the customer
  • Date of issue
  • Date of delivery of the goods
  • A description of the goods contained in the order
  • The quantity of each type of goods Optional: signature and stamp of the customer confirming the delivery was received

It is also useful to be consistent with your company branding across all communication with customers. For example, ensuring that the logo you include on your invoices also appears on your delivery note and follows the same design/layout.

This makes a shipment more easily identifiable to your customer, as well as extends your company branding and your professional image.

Additional details a delivery note can contain

While a delivery note usually does not contain product prices, some do choose to include these depending on the industry and the products being shipped. Alternatively or additionally, individual products are can be listed by their unique product number.

A delivery note might also include the address and banking information of the seller, as a confirmation or added reminder for contact and payment purposes.

Delivery notes and Debitoor

Debitoor invoicing software also provides easily customisable delivery notes for any shipment. Based on your chosen invoice template, the layout can be edited in just a few clicks to include or remove certain information you’d like to include. It will also automatically apply the company logo you’ve uploaded to your account.

You can also choose whether to include a footnote that lists more detailed information including banking and contact details.

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