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Electronic invoicing - What is electronic invoicing?

Definition: Electronic invoicing is the electronic delivery of invoices and other related details from a company to its customers.

In this day and age, invoices are not all paper-based, in fact many are now transmitted electronically over the web.

Recently, there has been increased acceptance of e-billing by consumers and the business community at large. An increased concern for the environment and for higher security is speeding up the shift from paper to electronic invoicing .

Electronic Invoice Standards

Electronic invoice standards vary widely across countries.

These standards or 'encoding guidelines' are often taken from Electronic Data Interchange standards.

For example, EDIFACT is the standard that the United Nations has created. It includes details such as codes for header information and for the transmission of specific line items.

Invoicing in Debitoor

In your Debitoor application, you can send electronic invoices from your computer or smartphone instantly. You can also take paper payments and scan them into your Debitoor system for faster, "e-handling".

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