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Product list

Product list – what is a product list?

A product list is a document or database cataloguing a company’s entire portfolio of goods or services.

Check out our blog post to find out more about invoicing and the importance of customer, product, and supplier lists.

The main purpose of a product list is to give an overview of a business’s products, but may also help with invoicing, tracking sales, and stock management.

How do I create a product list?

A typical product list would include detailed information about each of the goods and services a company produces or sells. For example: the name of the product, the cost per unit, and a unique product number.

A product list may also give details about inventory status, such as whether the product is in stock and how many units have previously been ordered.

You may choose to create groups to categorise products. For example, if you are VAT registered, you may group products by VAT rate.

Product lists with Debitoor

With accounting and invoicing software like Debitoor, it’s easier than ever to manage the products you sell.

When you create a new product in Debitoor, you will be able to enter all the necessary information such as a name, a description, cost price and price per unit. Debitoor will automatically generate a unique product number, and if you charge VAT, you’ll be able to see both Net and Gross Prices. Then, when you create an invoice, simply select from your product list. It’s that simple!

And you already have a list of products, you can import your product list in just a few clicks.

Example product list with Debitoor accounting and invoicing software

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