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Reminder letter - What is a reminder letter?

Definition: a document sent to a client to remind them to make payment on an overdue invoice.

A reminder letter or statement is a document sent to tell your client or customer that you have not received payment from them for your action (i.e. product shipment, services rendered, etc.).

Tips for sending reminder letters

The first reminder letter is often sent within a few days of a client’s payment becoming overdue, and more letters can be sent if a client still does not settle their amount due.

When sending the first reminder letter to a customer whose invoice is overdue, it’s important to state your request in a positive way that retains the recipient's goodwill. Just let them know that they have forgotten to make payment and include any relevant information, such as a copy of the initial invoice.

It’s best to presume that your customer has made an honest mistake and send the first letter as a gentle reminder.

If you do not receive a response or prompt payment from your customer after the first few reminder letters you have sent, you may wish to send additional reminders with strict legal language.

Reminders in Debitoor

In Debitoor, you can easily send reminders to your customers from your system to let them know that their invoice is still outstanding.

You are able to send three reminders per invoice, and you can also decide whether you wish to add interest or a late fee when sending the reminder. Read more about how to send reminders.