Full Stack JavaScript Developer

We’re looking for developers who are thoughtful, responsible and passionate individuals who appreciate clean code as we as well-crafted user experiences. You'll be joining the best node team in Ukraine.

Starting Date

As soon as possible

Office Location

Kyiv, Ukraine

Contact Person

Nicolai Kollner

Product owner

[email protected]


TL;DR: Cutting edge technologies like ES2015, React, Node.js, RabbitMQ, SASS, webpack, microservices, no bureaucracy, no bullshit, ability to do things the proper way.

Our religion

  • You make the decision to deploy what you have developed to production yourself, when you are ready
  • Insane level of Continuous Delivery - 10+ deployments a day. See how we do Continuous Delivery.
  • We can continually improve by sharing, evaluating and learning
  • Micro services and modularization
  • Open Source. You can Open Source the JS modules you create at work
  • Meeting and collaborating with customers. The more the better.

Required skills

  • JavaScript
  • Node.js
  • MongoDB
  • Unit and integration testing (Mocha, Chai, Spy)
  • Git, GitHub

Also we use: Gulp, Webpack, React, Redux, Backbone, RabbitMQ, AWS, ES6, TeamCity, TravisCI, Compose.io, Heroku, coveralls, magic!

About the company

At Debitoor we are on a mission to help small businesses thrive! We do this by creating beautiful and simple tools to run your business online. Tools to invoice and get paid, keep a financial overview, and work with customers and accountants.

We are an international company with headquarters centrally in Copenhagen and offices in Berlin and Kyiv. We are 40 employees that service customers in 50 countries.

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Core team - people you are going to work with:


Team lead


Senior Developer


Senior Developer