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'We can be heroes'

As always, David Bowie knew best. Modern day heroes aren’t those we see in capes or iron suits, but are the entrepreneurs, sole traders, and small business owners that are working everyday to contribute their vision and value to the world.

These are the brave individuals who have set out on their own paths, often without guidance but with a determination to overcome any obstacles along the way.

While the daily life of these heroes might not always be as glamorous as the characters we see on the big screen, the struggles and challenges they face are much more real, and the achievements more rewarding.

We understand that starting a business is an adventure full of highs and lows. We also believe that even heroes need a little support sometimes. That’s why we created Debitoor - to provide the tools that these heroes need to make a difference.

Just for one day

And for many days after. One of the crucial factors for success lay with finances. More than half of small businesses fail within the first two years of launching - a statistic we think can and should be improved because these businesses are started by people with great ideas and the courage to implement them.

That is why we’ve created a programme that makes it as easy as possible for you to get paid and maintain an overview of your company. We’ve built Debitoor to work intuitively, making it accessible and easy-to use without any accounting knowledge.

We aim to support you. We aim to make your life easier. We want to help you not just to succeed but to thrive.

How we work

True to our origins, Debitoor has deep roots in the Scandinavian working culture, which is synonymous with a productive work/life balance.

At it’s heart, it emphasises teamwork and team building, which means we plan regular social activities between team members in order to develop a strong team and a supportive working environment.

This is an environment that values equality and flat hierarchies, meaning we share the same workspace, the same tables at lunch, and of course, the same successes.

The team

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