GDPR x Debitoor

What the new EU regulations mean for users

What is the GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) outlines the new laws surrounding the collection and handling of personal data for companies operating in the European Union. The new regulation applies to all businesses and those that do not comply or violate the GDPR may face steep penalty fees.

As of May 25th 2018, it is important for any business that handles data to be GDPR compliant. Find out how Debitoor is GDPR compliant and how this benefits users and visitors to Debitoor's webpages.

Debitoor and GDPR:

Debitoor is in the process of ensuring that all of our data handling procedures meet the new regulation. We have a three-phase process for achieving total compliance.

Phase I

Status: Completed

  • Research and analyse requirements for GDPR compliance
  • Conduct an additional in-depth analysis of current data handling
  • Develop plan and roadmap for compliance
  • Phase II

    Status: Completed

    • Review and update the Debitoor Terms & Conditions
    • Create new Privacy Policy
    • Finalise a new Data Processing Agreement regarding the use of personal data
    • Phase III

      Status: Completed

      • Publish webpages and articles to inform users and visitors to Debitoor
      • Finalise all GDPR documentation
      • Provide support and answer any and all questions regarding GDPR and Debitoor
      • Why is the GDPR being introduced?

        The aim of the new regulation is to standardise and update how businesses handle the collection of personal data.

        Although current data regulations exist, these differ by country and are difficult to track. The new regulation sets out a clear set of requirements that businesses must follow in order to comply.

        The GDPR prioritises the rights of the individual, ensuring consent to the collection of data and that the data is managed and processed securely.

        Do I need to do anything about the GDPR?

        Debitoor is committed to complete transparency and to keeping our users and visitors to our sites informed on the rights concerning their data and the GDPR. Our Privacy Policy and Data Processing Agreement ensure that detailed information about how and why data is gathered and what this data is used for is publicly available.

        As a Debitoor user or a visitor to any of the Debitoor webpages, the security of your data is the primary focus. To continue as a user with Debitoor, you will need to accept the updated Terms & Conditions, which provide full details on how your data is gathered, used, and protected in working with Debitoor.

        If you're operating within the EU as a small business owner, and would like to learn more about what the changes mean for your business and whether the regulation applies, visit: EU GDPR.

        Questions about Debitoor & GDPR?

        These pages are dedicated to providing a clear overview of how Debitoor adheres to and meets the requirements to be GDPR compliant. To read more about Debitoor's privacy policy and how your data is processed, you can read more in our blogpost: 'How the new data protection regulations benefit you.'

        We're also available to answer questions regarding GDPR compliance. You can contact us any time, just send us an email at: [email protected]