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Are you ready to start invoicing your customers?

Debitoor makes creating and sending an invoice fast, simple, and intuitive.

Try it now: create your first invoice to bill your customer.

Create your first invoice now

If you prefer a more visual approach, check out our short video that covers adding your company details and getting started with creating your first invoice in Debitoor:

Still want to know a little more? Here we show you the (short) step-by-step process of getting started with Debitoor and completing your first invoice.

In just four quick steps, your invoice will be ready and can be on its way to your customer.

All it takes is four steps to create a professional-looking invoice with Debitoor.

Get started with your first invoice

1. Create a new invoice

Log in to your Debitoor account and click on the 'Invoices' tab at the top. Click on the blue button labeled 'New Invoice'.

That's all you need to get started.

Or, just click here and you'll have a blank invoice template ready to go.

Create a new invoice

2. Add customer details

Next, enter the information about your customer:

  • Customer or company name
  • Address and country

You will have the option to save these details to your Debitoor account for even faster autofill options the next time you invoice this customer.

The other information in this section pertains to the invoice number and due dates. You can change your invoice number sequence and the Debitoor system will automatically remember and create new invoices with the next number in your chosen sequence.

Add customer details

3. Add your product

Or service. You need only enter the name of the product or service, a short description.

You can then enter the unit type, quantity, and price. Select the correct VAT for each item.

You'll also see the option to save your item for easy autofill in future invoices.

Add your product

4. Send your invoice

The best and easiest part comes when you're ready to send your invoice. Remember to click the blue 'Complete Invoice' button, in order to send a legal invoice.

Before sending, you can also use our invoice designer to change the design of your invoice and add your company's personal touch.

Send your invoice

Want to know more about invoicing?

As we've shown above, creating and sending professional-looking invoice is easy with Debitoor. In just four steps (let's be honest, it's more like three steps), your invoice is ready to send.

But Debitoor is more than that. With Debitoor, you can also manage your expenses, create quotes & delivery notes, issue credit notes, and send reminders.

In other words, Debitoor offers the invoicing and accounting tools you need to run your business.

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