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5 FAQs about Debitoor

Whether you’re a brand-new Debitoor user or have been with us for years, you’ll probably have a few questions about invoicing, accounting, or using our software. And you won't be the first to ask!

This blog posts answers five of the most commonly asked questions about Debitoor invoicing software.

Get answers to 5 questions often asked about Debitoor invoicing software


Do I need to put bank details on my invoices?

Whenever you issue an invoice, you need to make sure that it contains key details about you, your customer, and the products sold. But do you need to put bank details on your invoices?

This blog post explains whether it’s necessary for your invoices to include information about your bank account and why you might choose to put your bank details on the invoices you send to clients.

Find out whether you should put bank details on your invoices and how you can add bank details to an invoice with Debitoor invoicing software


Managing employee pay as a small business owner

There are a lot of different ways to start a business. Whether it begins as a side hustle, or is a planned, full-time transition. Sole traders who grow a business to a size that requires a little more help can mean finding a part-time intern to hiring employees for different roles.

A group of people having a discussion over a table with laptops

Hiring is a time-consuming process that can be considerably more difficult than many might anticipate. Finding the right person or people to help to grow and develop a business you have launched can be sensitive and difficult.

There are some great guides available out there for help with hiring. Take a look at our article ‘Hiring - the right way!’ for some great tips on everything from the job ad and reviewing applicants to interviews and making the right choice for your business.


Invoicing software for distributors

If you work as a successful distributor, it’s natural that you will be sending a large number of invoices to your wholesale representatives or other businesses. With our invoicing software for distributors you can relax, knowing your paperwork is well organised and in safe hands.

Debitoor invoicing software makes it easy for distributors to manage their invoicing and accounting


Brexit: the next steps for UK small businesses

In 2016, 52% of British voters chose to leave the EU. Since then, there's been a lot of uncertainty about when the UK will leave the EU and how the UK’s relationship with the remaining 27 member states will look beyond Brexit.

This week, the UK’s so-called ‘Brexit bill’ became part of British law, while the EU formally signed off on the Brexit withdrawal agreement. The UK is now set to leave the EU on the 31st of January.

Understandably, this has left many people confused about what happens next, and many freelancers and small business owners are wondering how Brexit will affect them. This article explains the next steps for the UK and gives some advice about preparing for Brexit.

Find out how Brexit might affect small businesses in the UK


How to create a CIS invoice

If you work as subcontractor in the construction industry, you’ll probably need to register for the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS). And as a CIS-registered subcontractor, you’ll have to send invoices to your contractors.

There are a few different ways to create an invoice with CIS deductions, including online software and templates for Word and Excel. This article looks at the pros and cons of these two options and explains how Debitoor can help you create a CIS invoice.

Debitoor invoicing software makes it easy to create a CIS invoice. Create your first CIS invoice with Debitoor for free


Can I invoice without a VAT number?

Invoices always contain key pieces of information such as prices, due dates, and invoice numbers. But invoices don’t always include a VAT number.

This blog post explains which businesses can send invoices without a VAT number, what to do if you accidentally send an invoice without a VAT number, and how to use Debitoor for sending invoices with or without a VAT number.

Debitoor invoicing software makes it easy to send invoices with or without VAT numbers. Try it for free for 7 days.


Why does my invoice say 'proforma'?

We’re often contacted by users who want to know why their invoices say ‘proforma’. While this might seem like an unnecessary extra word, a proforma invoice is actually a specific type of invoice that serves a different purpose than a finalised invoice.

This blog post explains how proforma invoices differ from finalised invoices, whether your invoices should say ‘proforma’, and how to send or finalise a proforma invoice with Debitoor invoicing software.

It's easy to send finalised invoices and proforma invoices with Debitoor invoicing software


6 tips for attracting international customers

Today’s marketplace is bigger than your neighbourhood, than your town, than your country. As you likely already know, reaching customers who aren’t just across the city but on the other side of the world is only getting easier.

At Debitoor, we realise that our users might be looking a bit further when it comes to their business. Tools such as changing the invoice language and working with different currencies are already built-in. But what if you don’t yet have the customers to necessitate using those options? This article takes a look at some of the first steps to gaining customers abroad.

A world map made of wood, with text about targeting international customers

One of the key aspects of attracting international clientele is marketing. Online marketing, to be specific. This is not only due to the fact that it is far-reaching, but also because it can be incredibly cost-effective for small businesses that might not have massive amounts of capital to invest in growing a customer base in a foreign market.


Fresh new customers tab design in your invoice software

We’re starting off 2020 with a little update already. Our developers have delivered once again, adding to the Debitoor design facelift you probably noticed at the end of 2019 (if you missed this, check out our article on the new navigation bar design).

Woman on a laptop adding a new customer in her Debitoor invoice software account

If you prefer the short version: we’re updating the design bit by bit, based on user feedback and better understanding of how you work with the software.