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How long do I need to keep invoices?

So you’ve started a business and things are going well. But now you have several invoices and don’t know what to do with them. Do you need to keep them or can they be thrown away once you’ve received payment? In this article, I’ll explain how long you need to keep a record of your invoices and why it’s important.

How long do I need to keep invoices title image

In the UK, invoices are accounting documents and need to be kept for 6 years from the end of the financial year it relates to. This includes both sales invoices you issue to customers as well as purchase invoices you receive from suppliers.


What will a no-deal Brexit mean for UK businesses?

With less than 2 months until the transition period ends, there has yet to be a deal between the EU and the UK. It is becoming increasingly possible that we will be leaving the EU without a deal. In this article, I will explain what this means for UK businesses in terms of EU customers, suppliers, imports, exports, and VAT.

What will a no-deal Brexit mean for UK businesses title image

Although January 1st 2021 is approaching fast, Brexit talks are nowhere near completed. Even if a deal is agreed upon in the coming weeks, there will still be talks and negotiations for months, and maybe even years to come.


Should I send my customer a quote or a proforma invoice?

Before an invoice is finalised, it’s common that a business will have sent their customer preliminary documentation, either in the form of a proforma invoice or a quotation. However sometimes, it can be a challenge to know which is more appropriate to provide.

What is the difference between a quotation and a proforma invoice?

This article puts these concerns to rest. It distinguishes these two documents, gives you a timeline for when each should be used within the sales process, and explains how Debitoor invoicing software can help you create these documents with its quotation and proforma invoice templates.


Why freelancers should ask for payment in advance from new clients

Every freelancer at one point in their career has completed a project for a client, only for that client to magically disappear without a word (or a penny). It’s frustrating, emotionally and financially draining, and just flat-out wrong. Here, I'll discuss ways that freelancers can avoid these situations by asking for payment in advance.

Why freelancers should ask for payment in advance from new clients title image

Everyone deserves to get paid for the work they do - especially in the age of the coronavirus where every penny counts. That’s why freelancers should ask for a deposit, or full payment upfront when taking on a new client.


England November lockdown: information for businesses

England is heading into a second national lockdown on November 5th lasting for 4 weeks. The government has ordered all non-essential businesses to close and issued a stay at home order that can only be broken for specific reasons.

England November lockdown: Information for businesses title image

In this article, I will outline what businesses need to know about this lockdown, and what support is available to them and their employees.


Why is SumUp billing me for my Debitoor subscription?

Soon, when you pay for your Debitoor subscription, you will notice that the confirmation email with your invoice is sent from a different email address. You’re no longer going to receive your messages from notifications@debitoor.com, but rather from billing@sumup.com.

Confirmation of the billing of your subscription will be sent from a different email address

It’s expected that this change will come into effect later this year, but the exact date is still to be decided. This post explains the reasons for this upcoming change and gives you a short overview of SumUp and its relationship to Debitoor.


Wales fire-break lockdown: schemes for affected businesses

On Monday, the Welsh government announced a fire-break lockdown lasting from October 23rd to November 9th 2020. This strict national lockdown will affect all aspects of our daily lives from travel, work, education and exercise. Due to the nature of this lockdown, the government has announced new schemes to support businesses that are forced to close their doors.

Wales fire-break lockdown new schemes for affected businesses


Invoicing software for veterinary practices

Every animal has its own unique specific needs, and no two pets are alike. If you work as a vet, this also means no two invoices for your veterinary services will be alike either. But that doesn’t mean vet invoices need to be difficult.

A veterinary invoice template is a premade form that you can use to create your veterinary invoices simply and quickly

Invoicing software can create veterinary invoices in no time, as well as organising the practice’s records and accounts and helping to minimise missed payments.

This article explores how veterinary practices can get the most out of their invoicing software and explains how best to format a vet invoice.