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Reading reports: evaluate your year

Written by WhitneyWhitney, 16 January 2017

It’s not a particularly sexy topic, but it’s one that could be of crucial importance to the future success of your company. I’m talking about accounting analysis. You might be tempted to stop reading right here and now, so let me give you a few reasons to reconsider:

  • Accounting analysis doesn’t need to be difficult with the help of online, automated accounting software.
  • It can drastically change the way you look at your business finances.
  • Developing a deep understanding of your accounts can help you make better decisions for your business faster and easier.
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Still creating invoices with Excel?

Written by WhitneyWhitney, 13 January 2017

Are we repeating ourselves? Maybe a bit...but as the famous enlightenment philosopher Voltaire said, ‘I will repeat myself until they understand me’, and well, this is an article for those who are still using Excel to create invoices.

It’s for those who continue to toil away with making invoices in Excel (and Word) that we continue our fight to simplify their invoicing and provide them with a simple and professional solution for their business.

We’ve already gone into detail about how invoice templates in Excel fall short of the requirements for entrepreneurs (take a look at ‘Excel invoice templates: the solution for freelancers?’).

Creating invoices with Excel can seem like an easy solution. But it's anything but. Debitoor invoicing software is different.

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Multi-currency invoice templates

Written by WhitneyWhitney, 11 January 2017

In an increasingly global business environment, transactions across borders are not uncommon. Because of this, invoicing in other currencies is a reality that is faced by many small businesses.

Far from being intimidated by the differences, many companies are embracing this international trend, even beyond the Eurozone in order to pursue new opportunities and networks.

However, these new horizons in foreign lands can come with some added complexities. Thankfully, invoicing and accounting software like Debitoor can help lessen the gap. This all begins with an invoice template that gives you the option to change the currency and even language of your invoice.

With Debitoor invoicing software you can use foreign currencies in your invoice templates

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Why switch to invoicing & accounting in the cloud?

Written by WhitneyWhitney, 10 January 2017

The arrival of a new year often comes with an assortment of resolutions for the 12 months to come. From finally trying the Whole 30 diet, to waking up a bit earlier to do a short meditation in the morning, to starting a new project for your business, resolutions often fall short without the right support.

If invoicing is part of your business life, and is in any way related to a resolution to being more organised, thankfully there’s only one thing you need to make it happen (ok, one thing and a little motivation to get started).

Word and Excel invoice templates can certainly put a damper on your organisational aspirations. So for 2017, in the spirit of helping you uphold your resolutions, we suggest a switch to cloud-based invoicing software - a move that will undoubtedly help with at least one goal.

Software that helps you sleep at night: cloud-based invoicing software like Debitoor is as cosy as this computer on a duvet.

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Invoicing bother: late payments

Written by WhitneyWhitney, 5 January 2017

We’ve covered how important it is to create professional-looking invoices, and how easy it can be with an invoice template by autofilling customer and product details, calculating the numbers for you and sending it to your customer in just a few clicks.

More efficient invoicing means getting paid faster, which is something most entrepreneurs wouldn’t mind a bit. Not to mention avoiding the unpleasant conversations that can result from late or missing payments.

So what can be done to maintain a friendly but professional relationship while still making sure that your customer remembers to pay your invoice? Send a reminder.

But what kind of reminder do you send? What should a reminder include? What about an additional fee for late payment?

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Your invoice template in PDF

Written by WhitneyWhitney, 4 January 2017

Ever created an invoice, converted it to PDF, then suddenly realised a small but glaring mistake? Tried to go in and correct it? Then you have some idea of how difficult it is to edit a document in PDF format without an original in Word or Excel, for example.

While PDF is one of the main preferred format for documents such as invoices (precisely because of the impossibility of tampering with the details without starting from scratch), it can truly be a pain for small business owners who have already spent time and effort creating an invoice from a Word or Excel invoice template.

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Invoice templates for creatives

Written by WhitneyWhitney, 4 January 2017

Of the two hemispheres of the human brain, the logical and the creative, accounting certainly falls into the logical half. And invoicing? Also more on the logical due to the legal requirements and tedious details.

But what about invoicing for those individuals whose creative side reigns? A graphic designer, a photographer, an illustrator, or a musician for example. Invoice templates can be a welcome solution to the practical side of business, with the added bonus of easy customisation to meet design requirements.

While Word and Excel invoice templates can be a quick answer for creative professionals, there are a few key requirements that might be missing, which should be kept in mind when invoicing your customers.

Creating an invoice that matches your brand is easy with Debitoor invoice templates

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Flymaryfly - self-employed abroad

Written by WhitneyWhitney, 3 January 2017

For many, the start of a new year brings a host of new opportunities, a fresh beginning, a chance to finally get started with that business you’ve been silently planning, the move you’ve been contemplating, or the gym you’ve been avoiding.

It is inevitably a cliché, but that shouldn’t serve as a deterrent from pursuing the goals that were pushed to the wayside last year. But of course, it’s always difficult to forge a new path, especially if it’s in a direction that falls outside your comfort zone. So, we thought now would be a good time to provide a little inspiration.

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Invoice due date: why it's important

Written by WhitneyWhitney, 3 January 2017

It’s not rare for us to receive questions from Debitoor users asking how they can remove the invoice due date on their invoices. The reasoning behind this is usually due to aesthetic reasons, but also can simply be because they claim to not have use for a due date.

In any case, omitting the due date from an invoice is a mistake. In more ways than one. If I haven’t stressed enough how important an invoice is as an official business document, well, let’s just say I knowthat's not the case. But as an official document, there is a set series of information that is required. And one of them is clearly stating when your customer must provide payment.

All invoices need a due date. In Debitoor invoicing software, you can easily set the due date of your choosing.

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How to manage expenses in your invoicing software

Written by WhitneyWhitney, 2 January 2017

Just placed an order for a fresh set of business cards? Or taken care of a parking fine from that meeting that ran long? As an entrepreneur, business expenses are unavoidable - from supply and production costs, to the pesky extras that seem to crop up no matter how well you budget.

Expenses are more than just supplies. No matter what the expense, it's easy to manage in Debitoor invoicing and accounting software

Running a business can get busy, but invoicing software that also provides the tools to help you quickly and easily manage your accounting. With Debitoor, it’s simple to record and register any expense while on the go or sitting comfortably in your office chair over tea.

Here’s how...

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