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How to manage invoicing while on holiday

Written by WhitneyWhitney, 27 June 2017

With summer in full swing in most of Europe (and certainly in the UK!), many are looking forward to some well-deserved holidays. Entrepreneurs should be no exception. Launching and managing a business often requires round-the-clock attention but at the same time, we’re human and we all need a break from time to time.

Don't worry about being out of touch on your holiday. Access your invoicing & accounting from anywhere with Debitoor

But nevertheless, many freelancers and small business owners heading off on holiday still hear that nagging voice asking if it’s really alright to leave their business for a week or two. What if you need to check up on payments? Or even send a quick invoice?

With accounting & invoicing software, there’s no need to stress. As long as you can find a WiFi connection, you can access your account and keep tabs on things from anywhere!

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Optimise your invoice workflow

Written by WhitneyWhitney, 23 June 2017

Are you the founder of a business or a freelancer working successfully on a side-hustle who is still creating invoices with Word or Excel invoice templates? If so, it might be time to consider an alternative: invoicing software can make this process significantly easier, from making the sale to recording payments from customers.

In this article we take a look at the invoicing process from start to finish using online invoice software Debitoor, examining the key aspects that help make your workflow simple and easily managed.

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Create proforma invoices with invoicing software

Written by WhitneyWhitney, 20 June 2017

In previous blogposts, we’ve covered how and when proforma invoices are used, and whether they’re right for your business, so we’ll just provide a short recap before we get into the fastest and easiest way to create custom proforma invoices for your business.

We believe creating & sending proforma invoices should be simple with Debitoor invoicing software

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Invoicing software for your side hustle

Written by WhitneyWhitney, 16 June 2017

If you’ve started up a freelance business in your spare time and outside your regular office hours or launched a small business that you’re working to get off the ground before stepping out from the safety net, it’s just as important for this ‘side hustle’ to establish solid invoicing and accounting practices from Day 1.

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Invoicing in the EU: which rules still apply?

Written by Kate Kate , 15 June 2017

If you've watched tevevision, read a newspaper, or been on social media in the past few months, you've probably heard the phrase ‘Brexit means Brexit’. But, when it comes to invoicing, Brexit doesn’t mean Brexit just quite yet...

In March, the Prime Minister triggered Article 50 which set the ball rolling for the UK's departure from the European Union (EU). But, officially, the UK's status hasn't changed and the country will remain part of the EU until the end of Brexit negotiations. This means that for about two more years, EU laws, rules and regulations still apply in the UK - including EU standards on invoicing for intra-community transactions.

So here, we help break down the rules on invoicing in the EU to help you get to grips with invoicing for customers across the continent - ¡vamos!

Debitoor online invoicing software helps you reach customers across the European Union with intra-community invoice templates

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How to register other income in your invoicing software

Written by WhitneyWhitney, 13 June 2017

As an entrepreneur, you know how important it is to keep track of the cash flow in your business. While managing expenses is crucial for maintaining an understanding of the financial health of your business, equally important (and a bit more appealing!) is the income.

But what many just starting out might not be aware of is that income can come from different sources, not only payment for your invoices. Good news, hey? Despite the fact that this type of income cannot be matched to an invoice in your records, it’s still important to keep track of these amounts.

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Creating a quotation with invoicing software

Written by WhitneyWhitney, 9 June 2017

When it comes to sales for your business, you’ve likely already discovered that not every customer will place an order right away. Some prefer to take things a little more slowly: be provided an offer, have time to consider and confer with their own needs and budget, and then finally confirm an order.

For these customers, issuing a professional-looking quotation is a big step towards converting that quote to an invoice. With invoicing software like Debitoor, it takes only a click to convert an accepted quote to an invoice, ready to send to your customer.

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Invoicing for beginners

Written by WhitneyWhitney, 8 June 2017

Sometimes, as an entrepreneur, it can feel like you’ve been tossed into a cold lake on a frosty winter morning. Just when you think you’re prepared for all of the challenges that might come along, things still tend to surprise you. But you realise that with running a business, things are often different in practise than any preconceived ideas.

And with your invoicing and accounting, it’s the same. So here, we aim to give you the basics for getting started with your invoicing on solid ground, as well as some tips to help you get paid fast.

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Invoicing software for freelance hairdressers and beauty therapists

Written by Kate Kate , 2 June 2017

Whether it’s the daily interaction with clients, the opportunity to be creative, or the satisfaction of seeing a client delighted by their new look, hairdressing and beauty therapy are ranked as some of the happiest professions year after year.

But for anyone choosing to freelance in the beauty industry, becoming your own boss can be a rather daunting experience - especially if you’ve never had to manage your own finances.

But with Debitoor invoicing and accounting software, it’s easy to take control of your accounts and invoicing

The once time-consuming task of sending invoices is now quick, easy and hassle-free – making it easier for hairdressers and beauty therapists to keep on track with their finances and spend more time on the work they love.

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Invoice templates for photographers

Written by WhitneyWhitney, 31 May 2017

In a previous article, we took a look at what kind of invoicing and bookkeeping software works best for those working as photographers, both full-time and as a side hustle.

Today, we get into a bit more detail by looking into invoices for freelancers and entrepreneurs in photography. More specifically, we address the time-saving ways that photographers can create invoices.

Invoice templates in Debitoor can be tailored to any profession

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