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Invoicing software for business partnerships

When you start a business partnership, you’ll make several different big decisions, such as choosing a name for your business and assigning a nominated or designated partner. One of the most important decisions you’ll make is picking the right invoicing software for managing your partnership’s finances.

This article explains what you should look for when choosing invoicing software for your partnership, as well as how Debitoor is ideal for small business partnerships.

Two business partners using Debitoor invoicing software


Now available: Profit & Loss breakdown

Once again, the development wizards have worked their magic (or, have worked hard to understand the needs of Debitoor users, researched the best way to implement a frequently requested feature, and spent time building and testing that feature to all users, depending on how you look at it).

In this case, as part of the ongoing improvements to our accounting and financial reports, there’s an exciting and fun new feature that gives you even more understanding of your business numbers and makes it easier to see exactly where your income and expenses are coming from - all from the profit & loss itself.

Debitoor invoicing software provides tools to easily manage your business finances and view reports

This update allows you to click on elements in the P&L to see exactly how each line breaks down - which costs have contributed to that particular category.


Does a company registration number need to be on an invoice?

Whenever you issue an invoice, you need to make sure that you include some key pieces of information, such as an invoice number, a due date, and details about both you and your customer. But does an invoice need to include a company registration number (CRN)?

This blog post explains which businesses need to put company registration numbers on their invoices, as well as how to add your company registration number to invoices issued with Debitoor invoicing software.

A mockup of an invoice created with Debitoor invoicing software, showing a company registration number at the bottom of the invoice


Invoicing software with a mobile app

When you’re looking for the right invoicing solution for your business, you might feel as though you have to choose between online invoicing software and a mobile invoicing app. However, there are many options – including Debitoor – that combine web and mobile apps, giving you the best of both.

This blog post takes a look at the advantages of using invoicing software with a mobile app, as well as explaining how to get started with Debitoor from your computer, phone, or iPad.

A photo of someone using the Debitoor invoicing software app on a phone


Bookkeeping for your garage

If your happy place is working on a car, grease on your hands, tools lining your walls, it’s likely been a dream of yours to run your own car services shop. However, there are parts of running a business that might not be quite as enjoyable for you - the paperwork and finances.

Man working on underside of car, will need to invoice later with Debitoor accounting & invoicing software

Luckily, the tech world of today has made it easier than ever for anyone to stay on top of the invoicing and accounting side of their business. But what about your business? In this article, we outline what you need to consider when looking for bookkeeping software for your garage.


New and improved: the Suppliers tab

Suppliers are key contacts for any small business or freelancer. They might provide you with the raw materials you use to manufacture finished goods, they might supply the products you sell to the end consumer, or they might simply sell the day-to-day items you need to keep your business running (coffee, paper, printer ink, etc.).

Managing and maintaining your relationships with your suppliers is therefore an important part of running a business. To make this even easier, we’ve updated and improved the Suppliers tab in Debitoor invoicing software, and this blog post takes a closer look at the changes we’ve made.

Debitoor invoicing software makes it even easier to manage your suppliers


Self-employed developer: 6 tips for getting started

As a developer who loves their work, you might sometimes find yourself wondering how you could grow if you had more flexibility and freedom when it comes to when you work and what you work on. If you’re currently considering breaking out of the mold and setting out to become self-employed, we hear you. And we’re here for you.

It’s a big step, so it’s only natural to have a few doubts and to question whether it’s really the right move for you. However, with the resources available today and a little preparation, you can be well on your way to feeling confident about becoming a self-employed developer.

Woman on a laptop with a Python coding book next to her


Invoicing a UK company from Ireland

The UK is one of Ireland’s main trading partners, purchasing billions of euros of goods and services from Irish businesses every year. And if you’re one of the many Irish freelancers or business owners that sells to companies in the UK, it’s important that you know to send invoices that are professional, legal, and tax-compliant.

This blog post therefore takes a look at everything you need to know about invoicing a UK company from Ireland, including what to include on an invoice template, how to apply sales tax, and the easiest way to create an invoice for British businesses.

Invoicing a UK company from Ireland is easy with Debitoor invoicing software


Localised invoicing software: why the right edition matters

When choosing invoicing software for your business, there are many important factors to consider: price, range of features, ease of use, and – perhaps most importantly – whether it’s localised for your country.

There are a number of different reasons why it’s important to choose software that’s specifically set up for the country your business is based in, and this blog post explores each of these reasons in detail. We also explain what to do if you select the wrong country when you sign up for Debitoor.

Debitoor invoicing software is localised for over 70 countries around the world. Try it free for 7 days