Hi there! I'm a new team member here at Debitoor

Written by Kate Kate , 19 April 2017 in Employee info

Hi, I'm new

Hi, I’m Kate and I’m the newest member of the Debitoor team! I’ll helping out with marketing, communication, and customer support for our English-speaking customers.

After spending my Erasmus year in Denmark, I moved back to Copenhagen just two weeks ago. This time round, I want to be fully committed to the Copenhagen lifestyle – hopefully I’ll pick up the Danes’ love of cycling and maybe even some of the language…

In September I’ll be going back to university to finish my Masters degree, so when I’m not at work you will probably find me in the library reading up on Political Science (which is actually a lot more exciting than it sounds). If I’m not working or studying, I’ll usually be spending time with friends over some food and a glass of wine, binge-watching Netflix, or travelling and trying to see as much of the world as possible.

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Hi there! I'm a new team member here at Debitoor

Written by WhitneyWhitney, 11 February 2016 in Employee info


Hi, I’m Whitney and I’m the latest addition to the Debitoor team! I’ll be working in marketing and communications for the UK site as well as helping out with UK customer support.

Originally from sunny California, I’ve been lucky to have spent the last decade or so travelling, studying, and working in many amazing places around the world - from Amsterdam to Tokyo, somehow ending up in cosy Copenhagen. I’m currently working part-time here at Debitoor while I study the local language. After a year in Denmark, I can say that my Danish language skills are (finally) improving and I’m sure I’ll be fluent in no time...(hey, we all have dreams).

When I’m not at the office or buried under my language textbooks, you can find me trying a new brunch place with friends, checking out local concerts and events, or indulging my moderate addiction to nordic noir / scandinavian crime novels.

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A new voice for Debitoor

Written 19 March 2014 in Employee info

Thanks to you guys, Debitoor is growing. And so is its headcount. I am delighted to be the latest addition to this wonderful, young and dynamic team.

I have been here for only two days and am already loving it. In fact, when we were holding our daily team meeting today, I thought that I must now really have entered heaven when I was asked by no less than eight women for my phone number (me being the only man in the meeting). Strictly for professional purposes, of course.

So lesson number one: We have a severe surplus of women at Debitoor. Not the worst thing in the world, if you ask me.


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Hi, I'm new here

Written 12 April 2013 in Employee info

Sasha-Bondareva-Debitoor-English-Speaking-Assistant-New-Hire-298x300.pngHi, my name is Sasha and I'm new to Debitoor team! I'll be assisting with English-language communication here in the office. Exciting times!

I'm a Russian girl, originally from the most beautiful tiny city in Baltics - Riga (that's in Latvia). I spent the last 6 years living in the Fair City of Dublin - another great place on Earth. And the best place to be if you're studying The Art of Words (aka BA Journalism). I've been all around the island travelling with my friends at weekends and kitesurfing the most picturesque and obscure beaches you'd ever seen!

Now I'm studying for Masters in Media - mainly experimenting with moving digital imagery. And working part-time with Debitoor, off course. And when I'm not doing that I could often be seen cycling around the city, filming a gig or trying out a new sport: so far there's rowing, kayaking, kite-skating and bike polo on the long to-do list for the (hopefully!) approaching summer.

That's about it! I'm always happy to help if you need anything.

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Do you need help?

Written 29 November 2012 in Employee info

Then I'll be pleased to help you. My name is Dot - and I have worked with the company for 4 years. I've just recently joined the Debitoor team and I'm looking forward to helping you out with any questions or ideas.

My areas of expertise are in customer relations and customer support.

I've have worked in finance and computer accounting software for some time now and have a wealth of experience in accounting procedures and different accounting software which has given me the ability to identity support issues and the solutions for these at ease.

I'm married and have two teenage children - in my (limited) sparetime I read and jog to stay in shape and keep up with my teenagers and life in general :-).

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