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How invoicing software can help musicians

Many people do not realise the amount of work it takes to be a musician. Years of perfecting your instrument, days memorising lyrics, hours of practising new songs, and endless competition in cities, can make it difficult for new musicians to get regular gigs, and get their business going. As a musician myself, I hear you, and I’m here to help!


It’s one thing to have a passion for music. It’s another to make a living as a musician! If you are a musician in a new city, or in the early stages of getting started, it can be quite daunting to be in charge of all your bookings and finances, especially if you are a solo musician!

Invoicing and accounting software can make your life a lot easier whether you’re a freelance solo musician who plays weekend gigs or an orchestra playing concerts around the world.


Tips and tools for tattoo artists

Many people do not realise the amount of hard work tattoo artists put into their occupation. As if permanently inking somebody else's body was not enough stress, tattoo artists also have to deal with the hassle of scheduling client appointments, invoicing, tracking their business accounting, and many more.

Invoicing software for tattoo artists

In this article we will share some useful tips tools for tattoo artists in their business - and no, by tools we are not referring to needles…


Invoicing for fashion bloggers

Are you a fashion blogger, or would you like to become a fashion blogger? This article will give you all the insights for how to manage your invoicing and accounting as a blogger.

Invoicing tools for fashion bloggers

Blogging is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing careers both now and in the future. Bloggers use the Internet to share their experiences, opinions, tips, and to discuss broad and varied topics.

Bloggers that have a large follower base or audience are often contacted by other brands or and businesses regarding collaborations, partnerships, or sponsorships.


Invoice templates for the fashion industry

A friend of mine recently told me that in her boutique clothing store, everything is done by hand. Each piece of clothing is sewn individually, with the labels attached by hand and they even add their logos to the bags themselves.

While this is certainly a selling point for the clothes, the sales process doesn’t also need to be done by hand. Yet she wants to stress the unique identity of her business and is concerned that online invoicing won’t allow her the creative expression.

She needs her invoices to reflect not only her brand but the fact that she is involved in the fashion retail industry.


Don't let the self-assessment deadline haunt you

What does the Self Assessment have to do with Halloween? Both make our knees shake just thinking about it. And so it happens that the deadline for paper returns falls on the same day as All Hollows Eve - October 31st.

You have exactly the week from today to file the paper form and come up with the winner Halloween costume. Although I can only give you tips on the former.


10 things you should be claiming as a freelancer

The self-assessment paper returns date is looming: it's at the end of this month to be precise. You do have some extra time to do your assessment online (until 31st of January), but why not do it now so you don't carry any burdens over into the New Year?

You've probably already paid a considerable amount of money (possibly out of your own pocket) to get your business started. So, I thought I'd put together a list of business-related expenses that you can include in your self-assessment form to offset against your turnover and pay lower tax as a result.


4 steps to stress-free accounting

You took a chance and made a decision to have your own business and do what you're really passionate about.

The least thing you'd like to do is to be sitting at the desk for hours and filling out appropriate paperwork (unless your business is accounting, of course). And although I cannot tell you how to do it at all, I have some advice on how to make your accounting flow more organised.

They say anything you can stick to for three weeks will become a habit. So, the steps below can help you to develop a habit of keeping your books organised.


Head start for your new business

I'm a strong believer in that you should convert your passion into your profession. It's the greatest feeling of waking up in the morning and knowing that you're going to be doing something you truly like for the whole day.

The best way to start is to look into your hobbies and think if you could turn them into business. You could be into photography, interior design, translation or even fashion blogging - there's always a way to turn these into a full-time profession.

I know a good few students that were tired of searching the overcrowded and over-demanding job market and have set up on their own and also helped out their fellow students by taking them on board. Nowadays, entrepreneurs have become new rockstars. Whether you’re in for fame, extra income or testing out your business prowess, there are some legalities you should know about.

This time I'll tell you about types of businesses that you can register.

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