Sometimes even our support team gets a holiday or participates in our annual team days. Here's where we'll let you know about any interruptions to our regular hours.

Debitoor Holiday Announcement

Christmas is only a few days away and our team decided to put together a festive little message for you.

Just because it's holidays doesn't mean that a lot of you will not be using Debitoor. Although we hope, that like us, you will spend most of your time with your close friends and family.

So, Debitoor online support will still be available throughout the holiday season. Telephone support will be closed from today December 20th until January 3rd.

Here's how to get hold of us if you have any questions...

Video: Creating and sending your first invoice

The Debitoor help articles guide you step by step through any corner of the Debitoor invoicing and accounting software and are based on the most frequently asked questions we receive from users.

But if like myself you're a video fan, I suggest you sit back and watch this video from the brand new Debitoor YouTube channel of how you create your first invoice:

Web developer David creates and sends an invoice for his first freelance project

What do you really think of Debitoor? We want to know

For the past few weeks we have been asking for your opinion. We asked what you thought of Debitoor and if you would recommend it to your friend or a colleague.

I have personally read through all your messages and tweets and they have made my day on several occasions. We have received some very high praises and also a some suggestions for improvement - and it's great! This way we can tell what we can improve on.


The net promoter score so far for Debitoor is 65 - a great number to be at. This number measures the likelihood of anyone recommending a product to a peer based on a scale of 100.

Why can't I delete my invoice forever?

This is a question we get a lot. In Debitoor, you can't permanently delete an invoice. And, technically, you should not be able to do this in any other accounting software.

It's to do with the law - as simple as that. You have to keep your transaction records for 5 years. If a tax man asks you to get copies of invoices from a couple of years back you have to present these to him.

Imagine if you could delete your invoice and reuse the invoice number to change all the data on them. This would be cheating. And we don't want you to get in trouble.


Support interruptions on Friday 6th of September

It's this time every year when Debitoor and e-conomic get together with teams from all our country offices in one big celebration of our achievements. But don't mistake this for any other corporate party. It's more of a brainstorming session where we pick our brightest minds and come up with new solutions for you.


Making ideas happen

Here's the thing: an idea is nothing without an execution. How many times have you said 'I wish there was...' and just left your thought there: floating in a cloud of wonder never to see the light of day, hoping that someone else will come up with it soon?

So, let's make ideas happen together! Just give us your thoughts and we'll action them into real functional features.

How do we make this happen? You make a suggestion, you vote for suggestions made by your fellow users and we pick the most popular ones to see how they could fit in our current setup. After all, we have to prioritize to keep Debitoor as clean and simple as it is now.


We value your privacy

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