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Apologies for temporary hiccups

11:00 AM GMT All systems are back up and running properly. 'Bank' feature has been fixed and enabled.

9:56 AM GMT We have found an error in the functionality of the 'Bank' feature. This feature will be temporary disabled in order for the rest of the application to function properly. We will bring it back up as soon as it's back up and working properly. We'll keep you updated.

9:49 AM GMT You might be experiencing some errors when trying to log in to Debitoor this morning.

Some users have reported that the system doesn't accept their username and password, other have noted that it takes a long time to log in.

At this point we have identified the problem and we're working on it. Some of you might still be experiencing the problems above for a few minutes.

We will keep you updated on the proceedings over Facebook and Twitter.

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Debitoor is now SumUp!

The Debitoor application has been shut down, but if you're searching for an all-in-one invoicing software, SumUp has everything you need. SumUp is more than just invoicing software. We offer a range of integrated tools to help you run your business easily and efficiently. Open a Business Account with a free Mastercard, set up an online store, accept a variety of in-person and remote payments and much more. Start streamlining your invoices, payments and accounts today!

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We value your privacy

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