Debitoor users share their experiences as entrepreneurs. Learn about challenges they faced in building their businesses and how they turned obstacles into opportunities.


Debitoor Stories: Eventastic

From working as head of mortgages department in a global bank, to starting Event Planning and Management businesses, meet Vimal Nathwani, Events Coordinator at Eventastic, and also a Debitoor user!

Debitoor invoicing for event planning

Read the interview below with Vimal Nathwani, and learn how doing what you love can make you do it even better! Vimal had a lot to share about his journey to becoming an event planner.

Each and every one of us have taken different paths to end up where we are today. Today you can hear about Vimal and the path of Eventastic, and also how Debitoor has helped this business get to where they are today.

Debitoor Stories: Prohibition Drinks, Newcastle, NI [Video]

For this video testimonial I headed over to the beautiful town of Newcastle nestled between the blissful Irish sea and the picturesque Mourne Mountains. Needless to say, the drive over was very up-and-down, but when I finally reached my destination the effort proved to be worth it.

Felicia Matheson is the owner of the Prohibition Limited - the craft beer distribution company that has just recently started in Northern Ireland. The view from Felicia's "office" is simply spectacular: the beach, the mountains and the green fields spreading further than the eye can see. Felicia is simply delightful in conversation as you can see for yourself in the video above.

And to find out about other exciting projects that Felicia is working on and her other uses of Debitoor, read the interview excerpts below.

Debitoor Stories: Carmen Rose

Meet Carmen Rose - London-based singer and songwriter, and also a Debitoor user.

I had a great pleasure to have Carmen contribute to our blog. There's a great deal to learn from someone who knows a great deal about the music business, managing your own career and staying on track of things. And off course it's always exciting to find out how Debitoor fits into her busy schedule.

Read on to find out how Carmen found her business focus thanks to accounting.

Debitoor Stories: Bree Cresp of Lulu Rocket Retro

How exactly does one start a business? Meet Bree Cresp – the owner of Lulu Rocket Retro - a vintage clothing shop based in Australia. She’s also a Debitoor customer.Bree-Cresp-Lulu-Rocket-Australia-Debitoor-Customer-05-05-2014.indexed.png

I’ve asked Bree to answer a few questions about her business & Debitoor and it’s fascinating to read through the answers and learn, once again, that once you find your passion, you can make a great business out of it.

From selling small collection of retro-inspired clothes on Facebook to planning her own fashion line – read the interview with Bree below and perhaps you’ll pick up a few tips about starting on your own.

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