Proforma invoicing on your mobile

Written by KateKate, 25 January 2019 in Application

Proforma invoicing is an essential feature of any good invoicing software. But did you know that you can create proforma invoices from your phone as quickly and easily as from your computer or laptop?

Someone using the Debitoor iOS app on their iPhone, choosing whether to send or print the proforma invoice they created through their invoicing app

As well as looking at the advantages of sending proforma invoices from a mobile device, we explain how to create a proforma invoice anytime, anywhere with our free, intuative invoicing apps for iOS and Android.

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5 tips for getting more out of your invoicing software

Written by KateKate, 24 January 2019 in Application

When you make purchases for your business, its normal to shop around, make comparisons, and see which options cover the basics. The same goes for choosing invoicing software – you probably look at which software makes it easy to send invoices, keep track of payments, and record company expenses.

A laptop using Debitoor invoicing software

Of course Debitoor offers the essentials, but it’s the little things that make good invoicing software great. With a few added touches, the right invoicing software can save you time, help you provide better customer service, and even save you money – so here’s five tips on getting more from your invoicing software.

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Online invoicing software vs. mobile invoicing app

Written by KateKate, 16 January 2019 in Application

We often get asked about the differences between the mobile and online versions of Debitoor. In this blog post, we take a look at the ways our different platforms complement each other, as well as how you can get the most out of your invoicing software from any device.

Debitoor ivoicing and accounting software for desktop, tablet, and mobile

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When to make recurring invoices, and when to copy invoices

Written by LoukiaLoukia, 18 July 2018 in Application

When you are creating periodic invoices, more often than not the best and more efficient option for you is to create recurring invoices.

When to use recurring invoices vs copying invoices

In Debitoor invoicing software you have the option to create recurring invoices for cases where you are invoicing a repeated customer for the same service.

However, in other cases it may be more practical to simply copy an invoice, even if it is a recurring invoice.

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Recording your expenses with OCR in iOS and browser app

Written by LoukiaLoukia, 14 June 2018 in Application

Nowadays, more and more aspects of business are turning towards digitalisation so rapidly that it can actually be quite difficult to keep up! There's no need to be afraid of it though, if anything you should embrace the benefits of digitised processes and products.

Automatically record expenses using OCR technology

For you to be strategic in your business, you should consider thinking beyond processing paper documents, and rather use a faster and more effective system such as OCR.

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iZettle-Debitoor integration

Written by WhitneyWhitney, 17 October 2016 in Application

A relative newcomer and yet already making a big impact on simplifying the payment process for freelancers and small businesses. We’re talking about iZettle, an app and card reader that make it easy to accept payment from customers anytime and anywhere.

Although it may seem like a fairly basic POS solution, iZettle is unique in that it is completely and effortlessly mobile. The card reader is small and lightweight, easy to carry for business and has the added bonus of being considerably more affordable than a traditional credit card terminal.


iZettle is available to anyone. All you need to get started is your mobile or tablet, the card reader, and a few minutes to sign up. After that, you’re ready to start accepting payments.

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Big news! Import your customer and product lists

Written by WhitneyWhitney, 28 September 2016 in Application

The title tells you all you need to know: it’s now possible to import both your customer list and product list to your Debitoor account. Fast. Easy. Immediate.


Up until now, it’s been necessary to add each customer or product one-by-one. That’s all changed. No more heavy lifting with the tedious entry of each and every detail.

Now, you can tackle that task with just a few clicks. It’s so easy, that I’ll have to go into unnecessary detail just to make this a full blogpost.

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Debitoor x PayPal: direct and automatic integration

Written by WhitneyWhitney, 28 September 2016 in Application

After a year of a great integration with PayPal, we’ve made the partnership even better. Now, every time a customer pays one of your invoices via PayPal, the payment is directly and automatically matched within your account.

Here’s a little more about how it works:

  • First, connect your Debitoor account to PayPal by clicking on ‘Settings > Settings > Online Payment’.
  • You’ll see PayPal listed, and click the ‘Connect’ button to get started. You’ll need a PayPal Business account to connect, so if you already have one, just log in to activate the integration, or you can easily set one up.
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Connect your online store to Debitoor: WooCommerce

Written by WhitneyWhitney, 14 July 2016 in Application

If you run an online store and use WordPress for your business website, chances are you use or have heard about WooCommerce. Did you know you can connect your online store directly to your invoicing and accounting software?

By connecting your WooCommerce account with Debitoor, your data can flow effortlessly between your two accounts, allowing you to keep track of orders, products, and sync customer data in close to real-time.

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Include financial fees (and more!) in a payment

Written by WhitneyWhitney, 10 May 2016 in Application

Online payment solutions are a great way to receive payment from customers fast and without the headache. However, many forms of electronic payment methods take a percentage of the total cost in order to continue providing a great service.

So when you receive a payment, it might be a little less than the total you indicated on your invoice. This amount is the percentage taken from the payment solution to cover their costs.

Although it is generally a small percentage, it can cause some unnecessary complications when it comes to entering payments on invoices.

In Debitoor, there is a simple way to include not only these small expenses, but also cash discounts to customers, bad debt, and other miscellaneous fees, ensuring the invoice is paid in full and no longer marked as ‘Partially Paid’ or overdue in your account.

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How to include and update your small business loan

Written by WhitneyWhitney, 6 April 2016 in Application

Setting out on an independent path by becoming a freelancer or launching your own company is an exciting and empowering endeavour. However, it can be daunting to break away from a more traditional work environment and start making your business goals a reality.

When starting out, there are likely more than a few concerns that arise. One of the most crucial and common matters for budding entrepreneurs is the issue of capital. Starting a business from scratch often requires time and money before you start seeing a steady profit.


Small business loans are a means to making sure that your business has the funding it needs to get off the ground. They are a common approach to providing a financial base for development and can be obtained from a number of different sources.

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PayPal & Debitoor

Written by WhitneyWhitney, 14 March 2016 in Application

A quick, easy, and secure way to send and receive payment, PayPal is a main integration in the Debitoor application. If you’re not yet a PayPal user, it could greatly simplify transactions for your small business.

To sign up, visit the site to enter your information and register for free. Through this account you can link your credit card, prepaid card, or current account and make transactions free of charge.

PayPal’s ease-of-use and seamless integration make it an ideal partner for Debitoor.

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Reconciling bank reconciliation

Written by WhitneyWhitney, 7 March 2016 in Application

The process of bank reconciliation is one that is generally not considered among the many exciting aspects of running a business. And yet, this tedious task is one of the most crucial for staying on top of your company’s finances.

It’s always the same: painstakingly combing through income and expense records to ensure that the amounts match exactly to amounts recorded in bank statements, often with frustrating forays into emails/cupboards/bins searching for some waylaid bill or paper receipt. Who has time for that?

Fortunately, the development of cloud-based accounting and invoicing software has made this process a little less painful by allowing transactions to be stored and accessed electronically, where users can match each transaction. This may sound familiar to Debitoor users, familiar with this built-in feature.

But we’re not stopping there...

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Here's why we're changing the free plan

Written 30 April 2015 in Application

Debitoor was launched some way back in 2012 filling in the gap in the market for the simple and light accounting software for freelancers and small businesses. We've strived to make the service as lingo- and visually clutter-free as it is possible. And we've given it away free of charge.

We've also released a range of more sophisticated accounting features and introduced two more subscription plans that made the development of these features possible.

It's also worth mentioning that we're incredibly grateful to you - the Debitoor community - for contributing with your ideas and suggestions that helped Debitoor grow from a simple invoicing application to a fully-packed invoicing and accounting software.

However, it goes without saying, that growth requires sustenance and it's simply not sustainable for Debitoor to provide service without charge anymore.

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Making payments possible with the Debitoor API

Written 30 January 2015 in Application

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Roadmap for Debitoor Accounting

Written 5 December 2014 in Application


As 2014 draws to a close the 2015 Roadmap for Debitoor accounting is already on the minds and desks of our developers.

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Written 16 September 2014 in Application

Simplicity, ease of use and great design - these are the qualities that have always been at the core of Debitoor's principles. And even though the application is quite easy and straightforward the amount of support requests we get on the daily basis can be overwhelming.

Don't get me wrong, we like hearing back from you and learning what questions concern you most. But in a lot of instances the answers are simply found on the website itself.

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Get an overview of your accounts in seconds

Written 10 July 2014 in Application

One of the keys to a successful business is having a clear overview of your accounts, don't you think?

And when everything is simple and available at a glance, it should make your work less hard, right?

So, that's how we came up with the new Debitoor home panel.


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The Debitoor app for Android is here

Written 30 June 2014 in Application

You can now download the Debitoor Android app for free from Google Play. The app allows you to create and send invoices, record expenses, manage products and synchronize your address book with ease on the go.

You might have provided feedback and voted in the forum, and you may have wondered why the Debitoor app for Android wasn't released until now. I'll give you an explanation.


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The Browser Game

Written 28 April 2014 in Application

There’s a fierce battle going on between the internet giants.

Microsoft is desperately trying to defend what’s left of its former dominator Internet Explorer. The almighty Google has taken to the top of market share rankings with Chrome. Apple has its Safari and Firefox stands ready as a somewhat idealistic alternative to the other big three.


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How to record partial payments on your invoice

Written 14 April 2014 in Application

You deal with this situation all the time: A customer pays only part of an invoice. How do you keep track of partial payments? Debitoor makes it pain free. You can easily match a partial payment to the corresponding invoice.

Under ‘Payments’, find the right transaction and match it to the invoice. The invoice will remain in the ‘Unpaid’ category, but you can see the recorded payment when you open the invoice. It will also display the amount that’s still due.


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Email undelivered, message received

Written 11 April 2014 in Application Usability

You’d like to know if an email bounces (marketing jargon for undeliverable), right? Services like Hotmail or Gmail will send you a notification. To give you a better user experience, Debitoor now does the same.


Emails can bounce for a number of reasons, but it is often caused simply by a small spelling mistake in the email address.

With the new notification feature, you will know right away if one of your quotes or invoices hasn’t reached its intended recipient. You can then check if you spelled the email address correctly and possibly contact the customer via phone, if the problem seems to lie elsewhere.

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New feature: Editing a completed invoice

Written 9 April 2014 in Application

Caught a mistake on an invoice that you have completed? Not a problem anymore. Debitoor now lets you edit completed invoices.

When you open a completed invoice, you will now see an ‘Edit’ button next to the ‘Change Design’ button.


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Complete your invoice & let the customer know it's paid

Written 2 April 2014 in Application

In addition to the partial payment and discounts on invoices options, there are two other great additions to Debitoor coming this week.


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New feature: Add discounts to your invoices

Written 31 March 2014 in Application

Every customer loves a discount. They can do wonders for your sales numbers. That's why a highly requested new feature is now available in Debitoor: Adding discounts to your invoices and quotes.

To add a discount, simply type the desired percentage into the newly created box called 'Discount'. The system will then automatically make sure the discount is added to the whole invoice.


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Build an expense tracking app, hook up your CRM

Written 27 March 2014 in Application

Extract expense reports, import your legacy of expenses, bulk enter your expenses.

The sky is pretty much the limit with the recent addition of endpoints for expenses and suppliers to the Debitoor REST API.


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Correcting mistakes on finalised invoices

Written 18 March 2014 in Application

Here's a bit of an Accounting 101: You can't delete a finalized invoice. And you shouldn't.

However, by popular demand, we've come up with a way to fix mistakes on your invoice without making a mess out of the sales numbers. Below, I will tell you a little about the correct way of taking advantage of the new "Delete invoice" function and how you go about using it.


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Now on your iPhone: record expenses on the go

Written 12 March 2014 in Application

So, you're making a purchase, popping the receipt into your wallet and at the end of the month you're trying to remember what you've done with that receipt after you got back home.

I've already shown you how to send a copy of your receipt to Debitoor Expenses using email. And now it's got even easier.

Because, if you're using the Debitoor iOS app, you can simply record your expenses using your phone's camera. Just look for the new feature under the "+" sign on the top-right hand side.


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Payments + expenses: a match made in Debitoor

Written 6 March 2014 in Application

Do you know how much money you spend on your business every month?

If you don't - you most definitely should. Even if you think that your business is not yet big enough to worry about such things and especially if you're investing your own money into your venture.

Why? Starting with tracking your expenses now will help you run your business more efficiently when it grows. And you will also be able to see how much money you spend at a glance and have a better control over your budget.


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34 is a magic number

Written 28 February 2014 in Application

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8 ways to make use of the additional message field

Written 20 February 2014 in Application

You know when we say "Simple Invoicing & Accounting" we really mean it, right? You create an invoice or a quote with your product & customer details and just hit "Send". Easy peasy!


But sometimes you need to go beyond a simple estimate or confirmation of the purchase or a finished project. If you're a designer, chances are you want your customer to see the exact details and the process of the project you're quoting on.

And if something you're invoicing, has to include the shipping details, you'd like to leave a note for these on the invoice too. If we'd add all the little features that are very specific for you business, it would make the application a bit hard to understand to those who are not in the same field as you. And that's why there's an additional message field with 5000 characters to your disposal. It's a simple and easy solution. So, let's see what you can do with it. 1. Bigger font for your company & bank details So, you want to have larger font for your company address, bank details or any other element on the invoice? Just include it in the additional message field like an example below: Company-Details-Debitoor-Additional-Message-Field-example-preview.png 2. Partial Payment & Receipt Did you already receive a payment or part payment for the project? Or perhaps, you require a part-payment for this project before it's completed. Mention it on the invoice before you send it to the customer. You can send a Draft invoice with the acknowledgment that the invoice has been partially paid and that a final invoice will be issued once it's paid in full. Partial-payment-details-Debitoor-Additional-Message-Field-example-preview.png 3. Specify unit type for special requirements If you have some special product unit types that are not included in Debitoor at the moment you can outline them here as well. Just like on the example below: Unit-Type-Debitoor-Additional-Message-Field-example.indexed.png 4. Payment details Got special payment terms? Do you want to let your customer know that you will provide a completed order after the payment has been made? Or there's a particular way that your payment has to be processed? Let your customer know if the additional message field: Payment-Details-Debitoor-Additional-Message-Field-example-preview.png 5. Shipping details If you're selling a product that includes shipping it would be great if you could also outline it on the invoice, right? What are your shipping rates? What are the lead times? You can also improvise a little and add "_" symbol, so that your customer could sign the invoice (if you're including a physical copy) - that would turn your invoice into an improvised Delivery Docket. Here's an example: Shipping-Details-Debitoor-Additional-Message-Field-example-preview.png 6. Job docket & Project Description When you work on a freelance project you might as well let your customer know exactly what happens if they don't pay on time, if you're required to work additional hours & also clarify any details of project: what you're willing and what you're not willing to do etc. You have 5000 symbols in the additional message field - that's enough to fill about 2 pages. So use these to give as much detail on the project as possible. Project-Details-Debitoor-Additional-Message-Field-example.indexed1.png 7. Personal Message You can also just leave a personal message for your customer. Just like David does in Debitoor support videos. And also if you have any seasonal greetings for your customers - this would be a the space to express these. 8. Anything else You see, once you know that you have all this space (5000 spaces to be precise) you can let your imagination flow. Of just be extremely practical and outline any particular details you want to discuss with the client at the door: travel arrangement, expense arrangement and other terms & conditions. The space is open to your disposal. And remember that you can save the message - so it appears on all of your invoices or stays as a template for your future arrangements. Are you already using the additional message field? What do you use it for? Do you have any suggestions for your fellow users on what they should mention on their invoices?

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Expenses that should not be included on your VAT reports

Written 6 February 2014 in Application

When you start a new business the amount of paperwork and numbers you have to account for is overwhelming. You will learn that business paperwork is much more than just sending off an invoice and you'll have to learn it fast, before all the deadlines for HMRC, Company House and other reports start coming in.

So, you already know how to create an invoice, and you know you can do it easily with Debitoor. Now, it's time to take a look at your expenses and decide what you can take off or put on your reports to make sure you don't overpay (or underpay) your taxes.


... continue reading: Expenses that should not be included on your VAT reports

Keep track of your income & spending with the Debitoor Bank

Written 30 January 2014 in Application

We're do our best to bring you more video tutorials for all Debitoor features. A video can tell a story or explain how things work so much quicker and easier than a text.

So, here's another video added to Debitoor YouTube Channel. This time it's about tracking your business expenses & income with the Debitoor Bank - a feature added not that long ago but already used by many Premium Plus users.

David learns how he can keep track of his expenses & income with the Debitoor Bank feature

... continue reading: Keep track of your income & spending with the Debitoor Bank

Introducing new Premium Plus accounting plan

Written 17 January 2014 in Application

It's 2014 and here at Debitoor, it's all about accounting. Online VAT reporting, bank reconciliation and document handling - with more accounting features in the making.

What started out as an experiment to build a simple invoicing solution for small businesses and startups has taken a giant leap into the not at all boring world of accounting.

And so today, we're adding a new pricing plan to Debitoor which includes all invoicing and accounting features of Debitoor in one package called "Premium Plus" which is available at €10 per month.


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New Year, New Layout

Written 8 January 2014 in Application

Welcome into the New Year! If you haven't yet read Chris's (aka Mr Debitoor's) testimonial for 2013/2014 you should - especially if you want to find out what's happening with Debitoor this year.

I'm here to bring you the first update for the year, something you might have already noticed when you logged in to application this week. It's all new and improved left-side menu.


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Debitoor iPhone app update

Written 22 December 2013 in Application

The Debitoor iOS app has a new look and you can already download it from your local iTunes store.

We've updated the app to look much better on your iOS7 device which is something you're going to notice straight up once you get the update. You'll also find some adjustments based on your requests (as usual) and updates to the browser app.


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To VAT or not to VAT

Written 17 December 2013 in Application

I have previously mentioned some of the advantages of voluntary VAT registration. But if you're not making enough just yet to register for VAT, or simply don't see the advantages of registering yet, Debitoor has a brand new feature as of today just for you.


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The Importance of Being Branded

Written 13 December 2013 in Application

"How come it's free?" It's the question I get asked often when I introduce Debitoor to a new audience. And if you're still wondering about, find out why Debitoor is free.

I thought I would use this space to talk a little bit about Debitoor branding on your invoices and why we use it.


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150 000 users: another great milestone

Written 29 November 2013 in Application

It seems like only just yesterday Debitoor celebrated its 100 000th registered user. And we are so chuffed to see this number clock over 150 000 mark this week.

We'd like to think that we've come so far due to our hard work and vigorous marketing activities. But really, it's all thanks to you - the user. And we thank you for that, wholeheartedly.

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New feature: Profit & Loss reports

Written 21 November 2013 in Application

We've got another new feature coming to you this week. Now you can get your Profit & Loss reports for selected dates in Debitoor in the new "Reports BETA" tab.


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Big screen to small screen adaptation

Written 14 November 2013 in Application Usability

The layout of your Debitoor view depends on the device you're using it on. Chances are, if you've been using Debitoor on a tablet all this time you have not even noticed the recent layout changes of the desktop version.


... continue reading: Big screen to small screen adaptation

Here's Banking and Reporting for you to try out

Written 11 November 2013 in Application

Today we're taking an important step towards from 'just' an invoicing software to a 'real' accounting system.

So when you log on to Debitoor, you'll see two new menu tabs: Bank and Reports, both with Beta tags attached to them.


... continue reading: Here's Banking and Reporting for you to try out

What do you really think of Debitoor? We want to know

Written 6 November 2013 in Application Support

For the past few weeks we have been asking for your opinion. We asked what you thought of Debitoor and if you would recommend it to your friend or a colleague.

I have personally read through all your messages and tweets and they have made my day on several occasions. We have received some very high praises and also a some suggestions for improvement - and it's great! This way we can tell what we can improve on.


The net promoter score so far for Debitoor is 65 - a great number to be at. This number measures the likelihood of anyone recommending a product to a peer based on a scale of 100.

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Here's where you find your quotes

Written 4 November 2013 in Application Usability

With the recent layout and navigational changes for Debitoor - the biggest design change in the history of Debitoor - we rearranged the menu items in a way which meant that some of you couldn't find your quotes.

And this type of feedback is super valuable to us.

So we'll release some updates to the design this week which should make it easier for you to get to your quotes. Note that Sales is still your gateway to Invoices, Quotes and Products:


... continue reading: Here's where you find your quotes

Notice of security breach at our database provider

Written 1 November 2013 in Application

As you may be aware, there has been a recent security breach at our database provider, MongoHQ, who deliver database services to SaaS providers around the world.

... continue reading: Notice of security breach at our database provider

Build automatic invoicing flows with the Debitoor API

Written 28 October 2013 in Application

I'm happy to announce the addition of invoicing endpoints to the recently opened Debitoor REST API, opening a world of integration opportunities for anyone with developer resources.


... continue reading: Build automatic invoicing flows with the Debitoor API

Introducing the new Debitoor design

Written 24 October 2013 in Application

As you might have noticed already Debitoor has a whole new look as of today. Don't worry, it's still as intuitive and easy to use as before. And all your data is still here, just shifted around in a fresher and more organised view.

So, let's see what's different.


... continue reading: Introducing the new Debitoor design

Print your invoices from any browser

Written 15 October 2013 in Application

... continue reading: Print your invoices from any browser

API now open: Connect your app with Debitoor

Written 15 October 2013 in Application

Debitoor integrated with Dropbox, Gmail or even Salesforce?

Yes! The Debitoor API is now open for you to hook up your app, system or tool with Debitoor and synchronize and edit your products and customers.


... continue reading: API now open: Connect your app with Debitoor

Your invoice template: where to place the customer address?

Written 3 October 2013 in Application

If you're printing off invoices and sending them to your customers in a bulk chances are you're using those office envelopes with a plastic window to display your customer's address.


... continue reading: Your invoice template: where to place the customer address?

Design your invoice template

Written 25 September 2013 in Application

Tired of your default invoice template? Want to move things around? The new Premium feature is here to change the look of your invoice.


... continue reading: Design your invoice template

Why can't I delete my invoice forever?

Written 18 September 2013 in Application Support

This is a question we get a lot. In Debitoor, you can't permanently delete an invoice. And, technically, you should not be able to do this in any other accounting software.

It's to do with the law - as simple as that. You have to keep your transaction records for 5 years. If a tax man asks you to get copies of invoices from a couple of years back you have to present these to him.

Imagine if you could delete your invoice and reuse the invoice number to change all the data on them. This would be cheating. And we don't want you to get in trouble.


... continue reading: Why can't I delete my invoice forever?

4 steps to stress-free accounting

Written 13 September 2013 in Application Freelance

You took a chance and made a decision to have your own business and do what you're really passionate about.

The least thing you'd like to do is to be sitting at the desk for hours and filling out appropriate paperwork (unless your business is accounting, of course). And although I cannot tell you how to do it at all, I have some advice on how to make your accounting flow more organised.

They say anything you can stick to for three weeks will become a habit. So, the steps below can help you to develop a habit of keeping your books organised.


... continue reading: 4 steps to stress-free accounting

Even less paper with swift transfer of your expense

Written 30 August 2013 in Application

The cool thing about using an online service like Debitoor is that you have a free extra space on your desk where a growing heap of paper otherwise would sit with an attached dread to ever find something in it.

You're making purchases online already, so why store the receipts from these purchases in a printed form anyway? Just forward your e-mail purchase confirmations to your Debitoor Alias and they will be stored in your Expenses tab in a handy format and available in seconds if you need to show it to your accountant or a tax man.


... continue reading: Even less paper with swift transfer of your expense

Will your customer accept your Quote?

Written 29 August 2013 in Application

So, you have created your quotation, sent it to the customer and you know that your customer has seen it. What's next? There's a nifty little feature that should help your further invoice flow.


... continue reading: Will your customer accept your Quote?

Debitoor iPhone App updated

Written 21 August 2013 in Application Usability

... continue reading: Debitoor iPhone App updated

Why converting quotes to invoices is now Premium

Written 14 August 2013 in Application

... continue reading: Why converting quotes to invoices is now Premium

Track your invoices, quotes and credit notes

Written 2 August 2013 in Application

Did a customer of yours ever claim not to have received the invoice you sent them? Are you sometimes curious about whether your customer has viewed your quote?

With this week's update to Debitoor, you can now send your invoices, quotes and credit notes as links instead of PDF attachments, allowing you to track their status.


... continue reading: Track your invoices, quotes and credit notes

From quote to invoice

Written 18 July 2013 in Application

When you log in to Debitoor accounting software today you might notice a little change: you can now convert a quotation to an invoice in just one click! All thanks to your feedback.


... continue reading: From quote to invoice

Transitioning from invoicing to accounting

Written 2 July 2013 in Application

Having removed the Beta 'disclaimer' from what we used to call the Expenses lab, we now wish to expand the concept of Debitoor to accounting as well as invoicing software.

Based on your feedback, we've added and improved some features which allow you to do simple accounting tasks, such as entering your expenses and attaching your receipts or other documents to them.


... continue reading: Transitioning from invoicing to accounting

Send a quote to your customer

Written 21 June 2013 in Application

Give your customers a quote or an estimate to let them know what your services or products will cost, before you make the final deal with them.

Adding a quote feature to Debitoor is the top user request in the forum, and now you'll find the new Quotes feature right up there in the top menu:


... continue reading: Send a quote to your customer

Add a personal touch to your invoice

Written 29 May 2013 in Application

Well, now you can have a whole 5000 characters to let your imagination fly!

We've just added another feature to our growing roster: a custom message field at the bottom of each invoice. You can use it to explain your Shipping Policy:


Or you might have a special Returns Policy...

... continue reading: Add a personal touch to your invoice

Save time by copying your invoice

Written 22 May 2013 in Application

As of today, there's no need to start from scratch when you want to issue an invoice that's similar to an already finalized one - or a recurrent invoice for that matter.


You simply hit 'Copy' on your draft, unpaid or done invoices or credit notes and a duplicate of your invoice will jump to your 'Drafts' tab ready for further editing, if you wish.

Again, a result of your highly valued feedback. And another reason to keep that feedback coming.

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Get your invoice out on paper

Written 2 May 2013 in Application

If you're using Google Chrome as your browser, you can now print your invoice straight from your Debitoor invoice overview. You can print draft, unpaid, done as well as deleted invoices or credit notes straight from the drop-down menu. So no need to download your invoice to print it.

But again, only if you're using Google Chrome.


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Debitoor iPhone App: easy invoicing on-the-go

Written 24 April 2013 in Application

That's right! Now you can get Debitoor for your iPhone and easily create an invoice anywhere you go.

Either you've made a deal of a lifetime on the plane or found a new customer at a networking event - you can now instantly add them to your customer list. With the Debitoor iPhone app you have everything you need to issue an invoice available instantly at your fingertips.

And as always with the Debitoor design we kept everything clean and simple. Want to have a sneak peak? Well, here it is:


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Delete my invoice? Seriously?

Written 9 April 2013 in Application

Admittedly, adding this new function to Debitoor was a tricky one.

I mean, using it should be pretty straightforward, but introducing a function that's been at the very top of our users' wish list for quite some time and meeting the legal requirement that you're not allowed to delete a finalised invoice were a controversial mix.

So we've come up with a solution which ensures that the invoice you're deleting disappears from your list of 'done' invoices and then jumps to the 'deleted' tab, keeping the invoice number for any future reference.


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Export your data for easy processing

Written 4 April 2013 in Application

Looking for an easy way to share your data with your accountant or bookkeeper? To import your data into your accounting system? Or just wondering how to do an easy backup of everything you've entered in Debitoor?

Well, in that case, I'm happy to share with you that the new data export feature is now live under your 'Account Settings':


It allows you to export your invoices, expenses, customers and products in a CSV file format for easy import into other systems or simply for an Excel overview.

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Because we care about the beauty of buttons

Written 20 March 2013 in Application

In case you hadn't already noticed: we've released some updates which improve Debitoor in the vital areas of usability and design.

More specifically, we've given the lists and buttons a major overhaul, adding some special attention to the look and feel of your invoices overview:



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Timeline for expenses, credit notes, and invoice filters

Written 15 February 2013 in Application

Today we pushed out a bunch of new features for you. We have added the possibility for you to see how your expenses develop over time by browsing through a graphical timeline. You can filter by selecting individual months and receive a breakdown of all expenses in the selected period.


On the invoice side we also introduced new invoice filters that splits your invoices into three lists. Drafts is for all the invoices that you haven't yet sent to your customers. When you finalize a draft invoice it is immediately moved to the Unpaid list so use that to follow up on customer payments. Once you have received payment from the customer you can mark invoices as paid and they are then moved to their final resting place in the Done list.


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Expenses is now available!

Written 10 January 2013 in Application

We’ve been working hard on a new feature that allows you to track your expenses and suppliers, and have now made the Expenses Beta available to all users. We hope you love it as much as we do. To start tracking your expenses you just need to request access on the Expenses page.


Expense Beta with ability to request access

With Expenses it is possible to create suppliers directly from the Expense form. Once a supplier is selected for an expense, we will calculate VAT based on the location of the supplier.

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Why is Debitoor free?

Written 29 November 2012 in Application

Well it's actually quite simple - We’d rather spend our money on YOU.

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Welcome to Debitoor

Written 29 November 2012 in Application General


We've created a new invoicing/accounting program for the English market earlier this year called Debitoor. We are targeting small company owners, freelancers and newly established companies who are on the lookout for a straightforward invoicing program.

Based on a lot of customer feedback and numerous suggestions we have tailored Debitoor to fit even more of your needs. Incorporating the ability to invoice in gross or net price, the option to choose between several units and the way you pay us, are just some your suggestions we have included.

An important concept for us is the ease of use and we're happy to find that we're still able to stick to our principle that "less is more" in our quest for continuous improvements.

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