Easy expense management for small businesses

Looking for intuitive expenses software? We’ve got you covered. Record, manage, and track your expenses online or through our mobile app.

  • Save time with OCR
  • Automatically categorise your business expenses
  • Match your expenses with your bank records

Track your expenses with Debitoor

Debitoor invoicing and expense recording software makes it easy to track business expenses

Start tracking your company expenses with Debitoor invoicing, accounting, & expenses software for small businesses

Quick, easy expense management with OCR

Want to spend less time recording business costs? With Debitoor expenses software, it takes just a few seconds to record an expense from your phone or computer.

Our expense tracking software for small businesses uses OCR technology to make expense management quick and easy.

Simply upload a photo of a receipt or invoice. Debitoor reads the data and automatically fills in the most important details, so there's no need to manually enter the price and date of every single expense.

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Automatic expense categories

From payroll and staffing costs to utility bills and rent, businesses incur a number of different expenses. And in order to know exactly where you're spending your money, you should be categorising your expenses.

Our online expenses software categorises your expenses automatically – saving you time and making it even easier to manage your business costs.

Whenever you upload an expense, you’ll be able to enter a brief description. Debitoor expenses software will then suggest the most relevant business expense category.

Start tracking business expenses

Debitoor expense management software for small businesses makes it easy to categorise your business expenses.

Reconcile your expenses in seconds

An important part of managing your company finances is matching the transactions in your banking records with the transactions in your business records. But matching every transaction can become boring and time consuming.

Fortunately, expense management software like Debitoor offers an easier way of reconciling your business expenses. With automatic bank reconciliation, it takes just a few seconds to match your expenses with your outgoing payments.

How? All you have to do is upload your latest bank statement. Our system knows which payment to match with each business expense, giving you an easy overview of your settled expenses and making it easy to see outstanding payments.

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Looking for easy expense tracking software for small businesses? Try the Debitoor expense manager app or sign up for our online expense recording software

Record expenses on the go

Running a business is rarely a 9-5 job, and you’re often kept on the go. It’s therefore important that you have the tools you need to manage your finances anywhere, anytime.

With our expense manager app, you can record expenses as and when you need. Download the Debitoor iOS app or the Debitoor Android app, then snap a photo of a receipt or invoice.

And because Debitoor runs in the cloud, your data is synced across all of your devices. Saved a receipt from your phone? Just log in to your expense tracking software from a laptop or computer to view your latest expenses.

Expense management software for company assets

As a freelancer or small business owner, you'll make a lot of different purchases for your company. Some purchases need to be recorded as regular expenses, while some need to be treated as assets – which involves spreading the cost of the expense over an extended period of time.

It’s therefore essential that your expense management software is set up for both regular business expenses and long-term assets.

Whenever you record a business expense with Debitoor, you’ll be asked whether you want to process the expense as a company asset. All you need to do is fill in the cost, useful life, and expected residual value. Debitoor expense management software takes care of the rest with automatic depreciation calculations.

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More than expenses software

Business expense tracking is just one part of managing your company finances. So why use separate, stand-alone software for expense management, invoicing, and accounting when you can use an all-in-one solution like Debitoor?

With Debitoor, your expenses are fully integrated with your invoicing and accounting, which makes it easier to compare your income and expenses, calculate profitability, and report your taxes.

Manage business expenses, create professional-looking invoices, send quotes, generate financial reports, and more – all with one subscription.

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