Automatic bank reconciliation

Your payments and receipts are automatically matched with your income and expenses when you upload a bank statement to Debitoor.

Reconcile your bank with Debitoor

An effortless way to get your accounts in order

Let automatic bank reconciliation do the work for you. A simple and fast way to sort and match all income and expenses for your business.

A tedious task no longer, reconciling your bank account with your financial activities now involves simply uploading your bank statement in .CSV format and letting automatic bank reconciliation do the rest.

No, it's not science fiction. It's now possible with Debitoor. Learn more with our short video introduction:

simple as that. Upload your bank statement and let Debitoor automatically match each item to the corresponding income or expense in your account.

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Try automatic bank reconciliation

Accurate accounting with Debitoor

In Debitoor, you can directly import your bank statement from a banking or savings account.

Once uploaded and configured, Debitoor takes care of the rest.

Looking to update your balances? Simply upload your latest bank statement and Debitoor will automatically reconcile all transactions with those in your account.

Check out just a few of the advantages of automatic bank reconciliation:

  • Using the automatic function to register payments and income saves you time and energy, preventing the previous headaches caused by manually matching each entry.
  • It offers a more reliable way to ensure that all of your financial information is up-to-date.
  • Your accountant can directly access the latest information regarding your financial statements and balances, making the work easier for you both.

Sign up for Debitoor today or login to upload a bank statement now to begin a faster, more simple way to balance your business accounts.

Upload a bank statement

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