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Timeline for expenses, credit notes, and invoice filters

Today we pushed out a bunch of new features for you. We have added the possibility for you to see how your expenses develop over time by browsing through a graphical timeline. You can filter by selecting individual months and receive a breakdown of all expenses in the selected period.


On the invoice side we also introduced new invoice filters that splits your invoices into three lists. Drafts is for all the invoices that you haven't yet sent to your customers. When you finalize a draft invoice it is immediately moved to the Unpaid list so use that to follow up on customer payments. Once you have received payment from the customer you can mark invoices as paid and they are then moved to their final resting place in the Done list.


Did you notice that you can issue credit notes? On any finalized invoice you can click on a Credit button to create a new credit note that links to the original invoice, with all invoice lines reversed and ready to be sent directly to the customer or downloaded as PDF. That way you can handle goods returned from customers, mistakes made earlier or maybe special discounts agreed after the invoice to your customer was sent.


We'd love to hear from you. So tell us what you think in comments below, on the UserVoice forums or by reaching out on Twitter @debitoor.

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Debitoor is now SumUp!

The Debitoor application has been shut down, but if you're searching for an all-in-one invoicing software, SumUp has everything you need. SumUp is more than just invoicing software. We offer a range of integrated tools to help you run your business easily and efficiently. Open a Business Account with a free Mastercard, set up an online store, accept a variety of in-person and remote payments and much more. Start streamlining your invoices, payments and accounts today!

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