Running a small business in Ireland? Here's some handy tips and advice on invoicing, accounting, and taxes.


Invoicing a UK company from Ireland

The UK is one of Ireland’s main trading partners, purchasing billions of euros of goods and services from Irish businesses every year. And if you’re one of the many Irish freelancers or business owners that sells to companies in the UK, it’s important that you know to send invoices that are professional, legal, and tax-compliant.

This blog post therefore takes a look at everything you need to know about invoicing a UK company from Ireland, including what to include on an invoice template, how to apply sales tax, and the easiest way to create an invoice for British businesses.

Invoicing a UK company from Ireland is easy with Debitoor invoicing software


An overview of Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) in Ireland

Please note that these are general or the most common terms for each type of Individual Savings Account. Individual banks will have their own name for different accounts- so it's best to research via each bank's website individually to see what they all offer.

It's also going to be the case that the majority of these accounts will have minimum/maximum deposit thresholds (which will vary by account type and the bank that offers the account).

image of euro coins falling onto table- every cent helps when saving | Debitoor Invoicing and Accounting

In this article we will cover the main account types that you can open within Ireland for the purpose of savings - Fixed Term, Notice, Regular Saver, Demand, - and a bit about a parent/child account for young savers. Let's get stuck right in...


Self employed in Ireland: A guide to your taxes (Part 1 of 2)

I know, I know - it isn't the most exciting of aspects when it comes to running a business, but unfortunately it has to be done.

person holding pencil over a piece of paper with the word tax written on it

As there’s a lot ot get into, this topic will be split into two parts. In this post we'll go over the criteria for filing a self assessment tax return (or in the few cases that you don’t need to), and the method for self-assessment.

If you already know how self assessment works, but want to find out a bit more about how it all comes together, then in Part 2 we’ll have a closer look at a breakdown of each tax component: Income, Universal Social Charge (USC), Pay Related Social Insurance (PRSI), Value Added Tax (VAT), and about Tax Credits.


Invoicing in Ireland? Here's a how-to guide

If you're a small business or freelancer in Ireland, then aside from the marketing, bringing in new business, and trying to secure new clients, you might not have given too much thought to how you're going to keep track of your invoices.

You might not even have an idea of how you're going to start invoicing in the first place. Don't panic- we're here to help.

image of moss covered hills in Wicklow Ireland at autumn time

Sure, it isn't the most fun part of running your own business, but unfortunately it's one of the most important because it's how you're going to ensure you get paid on time and in full by your clients.

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