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Here, you'll find articles announcing the latest additions to the Debitoor software, including details on how to use them and how they will make your life easier.


New “Outstanding invoices” filter for account statements

At Debitoor, we record every feature request we receive from our users. We recently released a date filter for your customer account statements and are pleased to announce that we have now added an additional filter for outstanding invoices!

Outstanding invoices filter for account statements title image

With this small but powerful update, you can filter your customer account statement even further by only including unpaid invoices from a time period of your choosing.


New Debitoor feature: filters for account statements

Due to popular demand, we have added filters to your customer account statements! We received several requests for this feature and are pleased to announce that it is now available on your Debitoor account.

New filters for account statements title image

Previously, the account statements would include all invoices linked to the customer, both paid and unpaid, from the time the customer was saved to your account. Now, you can add a date filter to only include invoices from a time period of your choosing.


New and improved: the Suppliers tab

Suppliers are key contacts for any small business or freelancer. They might provide you with the raw materials you use to manufacture finished goods, they might supply the products you sell to the end consumer, or they might simply sell the day-to-day items you need to keep your business running (coffee, paper, printer ink, etc.).

Managing and maintaining your relationships with your suppliers is therefore an important part of running a business. To make this even easier, we’ve updated and improved the Suppliers tab in Debitoor invoicing software, and this blog post takes a closer look at the changes we’ve made.

Debitoor invoicing software makes it even easier to manage your suppliers


Introducing search and filter for invocies


The new search and filter options have added another level of organisation to your invoice experience. With these two features, you can effortlessly sift through invoices by date and status, as well as search by customer name or invoice number.

While change can be a bit difficult to accept, we believe these features provide a better way to sort your invoices and stay on top of your accounting.

Haven’t had a chance to explore the new search and filter features yet or wondering how they work? Here’s a little introduction on how to use these solutions.

How to easily record other income in your accounts!

Until a few weeks ago, you had to create a negative expense in the Debitoor invoicing and accounting software to register income which doesn’t relate to an invoice that you have created.


And let’s agree that even though it was probably a minor part of your revenue that you had to enter this way, it was not the easiest way in the world to record it.

Give your accountant access to your account

Although we have made accounting and invoicing easy for you in Debitoor, you may however have a bookkeeper or an accountant to examine your documents through a few times a year.
We have just launched a new feature which allows you to give your accountant access to view the needed numbers - for instance, your annual statement.

Stand out from your competitors

Your job is done. You have given the customer exactly what he wants and you’re feeling pretty good about yourself.

The professionalism and high standards of your work might speak for itself, but don’t forget about the last phase:

Send an invoice with a sophisticated, gorgeous and professional look as the icing on the cake (the cake being your fine work, of course).

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