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New Debitoor feature: filters for account statements

Due to popular demand, we have added filters to your customer account statements! We received several requests for this feature and are pleased to announce that it is now available on your Debitoor account.

New filters for account statements title image

Previously, the account statements would include all invoices linked to the customer, both paid and unpaid, from the time the customer was saved to your account. Now, you can add a date filter to only include invoices from a time period of your choosing.

Where can you find the new account statement filters?

Open your customer list from the “Contacts” tab and select the customer for whom you’d like to create an account statement. Click on “Account Statement” in the top corner and choose the dates you’d like to apply. When you’re happy with your choices, click “Export file”.

Image showing the new filters for account statements on Debitoor

This will download the customer account statement to your device in PDF format which you can then email to your customer.

Which filters can you apply to the account statement?

You can now apply filters to the account statement to include or remove certain invoices. The new date filters you can apply are:

  • Last month
  • Last quarter
  • Last 6 months
  • Last year
  • All time
  • Custom date range

The statement will only include invoices from the date range you choose. It is important to note that the account statement only includes completed invoices, so draft invoices that have not been sent to the customer will be excluded.

Why did we add filters to the account statement?

We receive several feature requests every day. We tag every single one of them and prioritise changes based on user feedback. This feature was often requested so we knew that it was an important change to implement.

We do our best to make Debitoor as simple and intuitive as possible for our users. As invoices are legal documents, there are some things that cannot be modified, as we have to remain compliant with UK law. However, as account statements do not have legal requirements, we have been able to provide you with more flexibility with how you communicate with your customers.

New tabs on the customer page for different document types

In addition to adding filters to the account statement, we have also added new tabs for credit notes, quotes, and delivery notes within the customer page.

Image showing the new credit notes, quotes, and delivery notes tabs within the customer page on Debitoor

If you open a customer from your customer list, at the bottom, you will see all of the invoices linked to that customer. You will now also see tabs for credit notes, quotes, and delivery notes next to the “Invoices” tab.

This will make it easier for you to separate your sales paperwork and have a visual list of each document type. You will also be able to create a new document for the customer from its respective tab on the customer page.


We hope that you are happy with this new change! If, however, you liked how the account statement was before, you can simply select the filter option “All time” to include all invoices linked to the customer.

We are continuously updating the software and will add more filters to the customer statement in the future.

Our software updates are decided by you, the user. We appreciate all feedback, both positive and negative. If you have any suggestions or requests, please feel free to contact us via email or the in-app chat.

All the best!

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