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Complete your invoice & let the customer know it's paid

In addition to the partial payment and discounts on invoices options, there are two other great additions to Debitoor coming this week.


Complete your invoice

From now on, instead of "finalizing" an invoice you have to "complete" it. This is an update to the application rather than an addition, and it doesn't change anything in your invoicing flow. Just remember that the label on the button has changed.

Invoice paid, thank you

An idea for an option to send a 'Paid' receipt to your customer is one of the hottest topics in Debitoor feedback.

And with the new update, you can send your customer an invoice with a note saying "Paid in full" after they have made the payment. For now it's a web-only version, so it's not going to be visible if you send invoices as PDFs or in print.

Change Design

You will now find a "Change Design" button when viewing your invoices or quotes in preview mode. This results in an even clearer and more intuitive user interface.

I hope you like the new updates. We're working on your suggested ideas all the time, so make sure you stay tuned to find out what's coming next.

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