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Big screen to small screen adaptation

The layout of your Debitoor view depends on the device you're using it on. Chances are, if you've been using Debitoor on a tablet all this time you have not even noticed the recent layout changes of the desktop version.


From big screen to small screen

When you use Debitoor on your computer the main navigation panel will appear on your left-hand side.

And if you're using a tablet, a small-screen netbook or anything with a resolution of 1024x768 or lower the navigation panel will appear on the top of the screen. This way the main panel takes less space on your screen and gives you a better preview of your invoice fields.

This way there's no need for an additional iPad or tablet app - it's adaptable to any tablet as long as it's connected to the Internet. There is, however, the Debitoor iOS app and Debitoor Android app if you want to do your invoicing on the go on your phone.

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