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New feature: Editing a completed invoice

Caught a mistake on an invoice that you have completed? Not a problem anymore. Debitoor now lets you edit completed invoices.

When you open a completed invoice, you will now see an ‘Edit’ button next to the ‘Change Design’ button.


Not all completed invoices can be edited

The following instances cannot be edited:

  • Reported invoices (submitted to the tax authorities)
  • Paid invoices
  • Invoice numbers

If you want to edit a paid invoice, you have to first change it to unpaid by deleting the payment or payments matched with it.

Improved design for invoice page

A draft invoice now features a cleaner and more user-friendy design. In addition to a generally more appealing invoice template, the following details have been redesigned:

  • The symbol to save a customer has been replaced with the written link ‘Save customer’
  • The symbol to reorder invoice lines has been adjusted to look more modern
  • A dropdown menu with the options to save the product or delete the line is now shown on the right, instead of symbols
  • Changing the price format and adding a discount is now done via a pop-down menu that opens by clicking on ‘Show more options’