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Keep track of your income & spending with the Debitoor Bank

We're do our best to bring you more video tutorials for all Debitoor features. A video can tell a story or explain how things work so much quicker and easier than a text.

So, here's another video added to Debitoor YouTube Channel. This time it's about tracking your business expenses & income with the Debitoor Bank - a feature added not that long ago but already used by many Premium Plus users.

David learns how he can keep track of his expenses & income with the Debitoor Bank feature

In the video you'll learn how to:

1. Import your CSV file to the Debitoor Bank feature

2. Match your invoices with payment coming into your bank account

3. Record expenses form spending on your bank account

4. Record your personal expenses as "private"

5. Get a clear picture of your spending & income in one go

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