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PayPal & Debitoor

A quick, easy, and secure way to send and receive payment, PayPal is a main integration in the Debitoor application. If you’re not yet a PayPal user, it could greatly simplify transactions for your small business.

To sign up, visit the site to enter your information and register for free. Through this account you can link your credit card, prepaid card, or current account and make transactions free of charge.

PayPal’s ease-of-use and seamless integration make it an ideal partner for Debitoor.

Already have a PayPal account?

Link your PayPal to your Debitoor account with just a few clicks: log in to your Debitoor account, click ‘Settings’ in the upper right hand corner, select ‘Settings’ from the dropdown menu, then click on the ‘Online Payment’ tab. Here, you will see the PayPal option. Click the 'Connect' button to get started:


You will then be prompted to enter your PayPal email and login information. After authorising ECI Debitoor, you will return to your online payment page and see a '✓' in the circle next to 'Connected with PayPal'. That's all!


Receive PayPal payments through Debitoor

Previously, the billing process was a little more complicated - create the invoice, send it to the customer, ensure that it was received, wait for the customer to enter the correct payment information and then await payment.

With PayPal and Debitoor, it’s as simple as sending an invoice and receiving payment. Transfer of funds is almost immediate.

Your customer receives an email that looks like this:


Clicking the ‘View Invoice’ button takes them to a page that displays your invoice in full and gives them the option to pay online:


The ‘Pay Invoice’ button takes them to the PayPal payment page where they can either enter their credit card information, or sign into their own PayPal account to complete payment.

With just a few clicks by your customer, you receive payment and can mark that invoice as ‘Paid’!

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Debitoor is now SumUp!

The Debitoor application has been shut down, but if you're searching for an all-in-one invoicing software, SumUp has everything you need. SumUp is more than just invoicing software. We offer a range of integrated tools to help you run your business easily and efficiently. Open a Business Account with a free Mastercard, set up an online store, accept a variety of in-person and remote payments and much more. Start streamlining your invoices, payments and accounts today!

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