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Email undelivered, message received

You’d like to know if an email bounces (marketing jargon for undeliverable), right? Services like Hotmail or Gmail will send you a notification. To give you a better user experience, Debitoor now does the same.


Emails can bounce for a number of reasons, but it is often caused simply by a small spelling mistake in the email address.

With the new notification feature, you will know right away if one of your quotes or invoices hasn’t reached its intended recipient. You can then check if you spelled the email address correctly and possibly contact the customer via phone, if the problem seems to lie elsewhere.

Beware of the spam filter

Of course an email that was delivered successfully could still end up in your customer’s spam folder. Spam filters can work in mysterious ways and there is always a risk that legitimate emails are classified as spam. It’s therefore a good idea to have this in mind and ask customers to check their spam folder if they say they didn’t receive an invoice.