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API now open: Connect your app with Debitoor

Debitoor integrated with Dropbox, Gmail or even Salesforce?

Yes! The Debitoor API is now open for you to hook up your app, system or tool with Debitoor and synchronize and edit your products and customers.


How to get started

Everything you need to know is in the Debitoor API authentication guide and we're here to help if you need us.

Once you're ready to start coding, you can register your app in your Account Settings and get your Client ID and Client Secret to obtain your token. Then you're good to go.

What about automatic invoicing?

Very soon, we'll add invoicing endpoints to the API which means that you'll be able to hook up your webshop, point-of-sales terminal, inventory management software or similar with Debitoor and create and send your invoices automatically.

Please share your feedback with us at We'll make sure to keep you updated with new API features.

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