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The Importance of Being Branded

"How come it's free?" It's the question I get asked often when I introduce Debitoor to a new audience. And if you're still wondering about, find out why Debitoor is free.

I thought I would use this space to talk a little bit about Debitoor branding on your invoices and why we use it.


The "word of mouth" effect

If you're a free user you might have noticed a tiny watermark "created with" appearing on the side of your final invoices or a quote. Go on, take a look at it now, it's on the left-hand side in faded grey.

This is one of the examples of Debitoor using branding in order to spread the word about the application through your recommendation. If your customer is impressed with the quality of the invoice he's getting he might give Debitoor a try too.

However, if you're using Debitoor as a Premium user you will not have this watermark on your invoice.

Many users, particularly among those who work for creative industries, have mentioned to us that it was important to only have their brand on the invoice as it's representative of their field of work. So they upgraded to Premium to remove the Debitoor branding from their invoice.

Message in the email

When your customer receives the invoice from you it is delivered from "app@debitoor" address (when they reply to this email it changes to your own address). There's also a short message within the email that says "Sent using Debitoor". These two examples have the same effect - getting Debitoor brand noticed through your somewhat "unintentional" recommendation.

No annoying advertising

And you know, that's pretty much it. You won't find any flashing advertisements, no awful restrictions or colorful watermarks covering the whole area of your invoice. It's simple, but effective.

The above "word of mouth" effect and your recommendation is what got us to where we are now. And we're often getting compliments on having uncomplicated clean design. So it will stay this way for now.

What about you?

How do you raise your brand awareness? Some of the things you can change on your invoice that will help you get noticed:

  • Have a remarkable logo. It could be a simple and clean design, or an intricate but not too over the top, if you’re working in a creative field.
  • Come up with an original message for your brand and add it to the bottom of each invoice. When the customer will see an invoice from you they will think of that message and vice versa (think "Just do it" or "Every little helps").
  • Leave an original personal message for each customer with each invoice to surprise them each time. They'll be waiting for your invoices to see what's coming next.
  • Print your invoices on branded paper with branded envelopes. Think of an original design.

How do you get your brand noticed?

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