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Delete my invoice? Seriously?

Admittedly, adding this new function to Debitoor was a tricky one.

I mean, using it should be pretty straightforward, but introducing a function that's been at the very top of our users' wish list for quite some time and meeting the legal requirement that you're not allowed to delete a finalised invoice were a controversial mix.

So we've come up with a solution which ensures that the invoice you're deleting disappears from your list of 'done' invoices and then jumps to the 'deleted' tab, keeping the invoice number for any future reference.



What technically goes on behind the scenes here is that we're creating a credit note to reverse the original invoice (including any reminders and linked credit notes). And when you hit the delete button in the dropdown, we'll ask you to confirm your choice:


Note that when you export your invoices, any deleted invoices and credit notes will be included in the CSV file you export, so your accountant and bookkeeper will get a clear overview of your invoice history.

So if you've finalised any test invoices while you were just playing around with Debitoor or issued an invoice which you've realised will not be paid anyway, this is an easy way to clean up your list of finalised invoices.

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The mission of Debitoor is to make your life easier by seamless invoicing and meaningful workflows.

We would love to know what a feature like this one means to you and your business. As comments here on the blog or via email at Up to you.

And keep an eye on this blog, as there's more functionality coming your way shortly.

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