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Why can't I delete my invoice forever?

This is a question we get a lot. In Debitoor, you can't permanently delete an invoice. And, technically, you should not be able to do this in any other accounting software.

It's to do with the law - as simple as that. You have to keep your transaction records for 5 years. If a tax man asks you to get copies of invoices from a couple of years back you have to present these to him.

Imagine if you could delete your invoice and reuse the invoice number to change all the data on them. This would be cheating. And we don't want you to get in trouble.


But what if I made a mistake?

OK, so we all make mistakes. If you're new to accounting and invoicing you'll probably make a few of these. When you 'delete' and invoice in Debitoor it simply goes out of your sight, but it's still there, in case you need it for a reference.

If you have deleted an invoice by a mistake, or were just trying out invoicing with Debitoor and want to start afresh you can just delete your account and sign up again. This will reset all your details. Off course it's not an ideal solution if you've already created many invoices.

And if your customer has a change of heart the appropriate action is to send them a Credit Note and issuing a another invoice for new or corrected items.

Can I reuse the invoice number I just deleted?

You can't reuse your invoice number if you delete it. If you started on the invoice number one and deleted it your next invoice will be number two. You can't take an invoice number one anymore, as I mentioned before - you should keep all of your documents, even if you made a mistake.

You can always start over and come up with the custom number series.

The easiest way to avoid making this mistake is to work on a 'Draft' of your invoice before you're 100 per cent sure you want to finalize it. Just 'Save' the Draft and come back to it later if you're not sure of the details. Once you're sure of the invoice, 'finalize' it and send it to the customer.

Measure twice and cut once as they say.

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