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A new voice for Debitoor

Thanks to you guys, Debitoor is growing. And so is its headcount. I am delighted to be the latest addition to this wonderful, young and dynamic team.

I have been here for only two days and am already loving it. In fact, when we were holding our daily team meeting today, I thought that I must now really have entered heaven when I was asked by no less than eight women for my phone number (me being the only man in the meeting). Strictly for professional purposes, of course.

So lesson number one: We have a severe surplus of women at Debitoor. Not the worst thing in the world, if you ask me.


But now to me: My name is David, I'm 29 years old and I was hired as a copywriter. I am originally from Berlin. I have, however, lived in Boston in the US for several years as a teenager, which is why I will not only be taking over the responsibility for the German content production, but also the English one. Thus, you shall be hearing a lot from me. I for my part can't wait to start interacting with you all.

A little bit about my professional background: I studied corporate communications in Germany and Denmark and have worked in both agencies and companies from various different industries before. I am especially interested in online communications, which is exactly what we do at Debitoor.

I'm working out of the Copenhagen headquarters, so I have a lot to explore. So far my exploration has unfortunately hit a brick wall when attempting to achieve one of the most basic things one has to do when moving to a new city: finding an apartment. But I will not despair, as he who seeks patiently shall find.

It's been an exciting first two days, and I'm looking forward to the journey that lies ahead!

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