About Debitoor

As a company with deep Scandinavian roots, we build our business on two simple rules: make your customers happy and trust your colleagues to make the best decision.

Sticking to these values has helped us to win over thousands of customers as well as to create a meaningful, dynamic environment for our dedicated Debitoor team.

In practice, this means that we are constantly prototyping new ideas, learning to master the latest technologies and working on making the Debitoor application even easier to use.

We work in an inspiring environment to achieve these goals, with flexible working hours, in-house canteen, healthy office space and fun social events.

Meet the team

Alessandro - CEO



Impeccably dressed and well-spoken, Alessandro is exactly the kind of person you would trust with dreaming up new ways to grow and improve Debitoor. A proud father and excellent cook, Alessandro likes to explore unmapped travel destinations or spend an afternoon with the latest issue of the Economist in his spare time.

Anton - Senior Developer


Senior Developer

He graduated with a degree in applied mathematics, but rather than stick to algorithms & equations, Anton became a front-end developer and builds lightning fast code. Calm and quiet on the outside, Anton likes to rock to bands like Rammstein and System of a Down.

Carsten - Senior Mobile Developer


Senior Mobile Developer

This proud owner of a backyard garden in the outskirts of Copenhagen spends his free time cultivating new berries and vegetables or laying on the hammock in the company of his girlfriend and dog. Did you know he started as an electrician, but decided to turn his hobby into a job at the age of 25? He is also a huge fan of Malk de Koijn, a Danish rap group that is well-renowned for their use of the Danish language. On top of that, he practices Judo and teaches this martial art to kids.

Dan - Senior Developer


Senior Developer

Colleagues refer to Dan as Mr. Whitespace, because he likes his code to look elegant and uncrowded. His ideal weekend getaway is to jump on a boat and go fishing off the Danish coast. His tinted glasses make Dan the most likely candidate for the role of Agent Smith, if Matrix will ever be re-enacted in the Debitoor office.

Daniel - Junior Editor


Junior Editor

He is our second Daniel at Debitoor, but his charisma lets him shine with his own light. Tarantino, his most adored filmmaker. Cluth, his favourite band. Sports, his passion. Originally from the suburbs of Copenhagen, Daniel used to play tennis at a high level. Maybe that is why he is a perfectionist, and, clearly, he likes a good old challenge, just like when he went to New York to study Chinese.

Daniel - Developer



From the north of Copenhagen hails Daniel, an exceptional developer who indulges his sporty side in his free time playing football, running and working out at the gym. Just like Batman, one of his favorite movie characters, he is a man of few words who prefers to get straight to the point. At the office, he can be found coding or listening to Hans Zimmer’s music, or both.

Hannah - Regional Manager - Germany


Regional Manager - Germany

To pursue her studies, Hannah traded Bavarian pretzels for baguettes, øl and espressi and spent five charmed years in France, Denmark, and Italy. Her multicultural journey serves her well in her current position at Debitoor, where Hannah forges new business partnerships and is responsible for the DACH region, heading Debitoor's office in Berlin. In her free time, Hannah plays the drums and indulges her wanderlust traveling the world.

Jan - Online marketing specialist


Online marketing specialist

Behind that hipster style, there’s a huge fan of Mel Gibson in Braveheart and the heavy rock band D-A-D. Jan, raised in Copenhagen and on a little island south of the capital, has under his belt several comments on the betting site Bet365 for more than three years. As a football enthusiastic, his dream is to set a little football team with his girlfriend and future kids.

Javier - Copywriter and online editor - Spain


Copywriter and online editor - Spain

Thanks to his innate curiosity and love of wondering, Javier continuously finds himself in unusual situations - from fraudsters' conventions to romantic encounters. Some of these stories eventually make it to Javier's blogs, while others are strictly reserved for face-to-face encounters. In his daily job, Javier works on Debitoor's Spanish-language media.

Jeppe - Marketing Director


Marketing Director

Jeppe is a natural born entertainer. His most critical audience was probably the kids at the kindergarden he once worked at. After that, becoming an actor seemed like a natural choice, coming to live by it in London, where in order to promote his career as actor he immersed himself in the SEO world. Now Jeppe takes care of of the marketing and communications strategy at Debitoor. And of course, entertaining the team when adding some competitiveness to a company day out in canoes. Jeppe lives in Copenhagen with his family.

Jonatan - CTO



Jonatan is the posterboy of entrepreneurship. With a penchant for innovation, he founded his own web design company at age 17, creating websites for SMEs. This senior developer from north of Copenhagen skipped university and moved to London to work at Yahoo. Why is he so clued-up in finding mistakes in the code? Because his favorite character is Sherlock Holmes and he always keeps one eye looking ahead.

Laura - Senior Copywriter - Italy


Senior Copywriter - Italy

After moving to Copenhagen to finish her studies in Business at Copenhagen Business School. Laura decided to supplement her academic courses by gaining practical experience at Debitoor. She’s the person behind our Italian support and communication. Laura does her job with great enthusiasm and hopes that solving customer problems will help improve her skills for the future.

Lene - Lead Editor - Germany


Lead Editor - Germany

Prior to joining Debitor's editorial team, Lene worked as a freelance cultural reporter, which makes her a human encyclopedia of fashion trends, musical genres and urban hotspots. While Lene finds a lot of inspiration in antique shops and silent cinema, her view of accounting is uncompromisingly futuristic - let chips and algorithms take care of the bean counting.

Louise - Senior Copywriter - France


Senior Copywriter - France

An avid reader of Keats, a fan of Kusturica films and an admirer of the music of dEUS, Louise is originally from Clermont-Ferrand, in France. She moved to Denmark to study her Master’s degree, but not before living in places like Finland, The Netherlands, Sweden and two months in Cameroon, where she worked in orphanages. A nature lover and yoga practitioner, especially Vinyasa and Acroyoga, Louise is a calm girl who at the same time enjoys activities involving adrenaline.

Mads - UX/UI designer


UX/UI designer

Mads is a passionate designer with an eye for intelligent concepts and simple user interfaces. His creativity results in a lot of sketching and iterating. Already home, but still full of creativity, Mads dreams about architecture and wooden houses – to get inspiration, he listens to the tallest man on earth (a band).

Niklas - Tech Lead


Tech Lead

Still in his twenties and with 4 companies founded by him, Niklas embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship. This young Dane is an enthusiast of science fiction books and well-made cocktails. Niklas is our expert mobile developer, which means he is in no small part responsible for the launching of the new app of Debitoor.

Paula - SEM Specialist


SEM Specialist

With her great sense of humor and positive attitude, this native of León, Spain, has a personality that fills the room. Paula is a huge fan of the Barcelona Football Club and does zumba and dancefit. One might say she has more energy than lines in her CV. Among her favourite movies you’ll find Grease, of which she never gets tired. If you want to laugh, ask her to imitate any Spanish accent.

Peter - CFO



His tilted glasses, stylish bow-tie and a mischievous grin lend Peter an aura of a TV person. Indeed, Peter is well on the way to become one thanks to his YouTube debut, where he explains do's and don'ts of bean counting and, in the process, brings the cool back into the accounting profession. Years of cross-border trading and dealing with bureaucracy taught Peter many valuable lessons, but the most important one remains: in accounting and in life, always give credit where credit is due.

Phi - UX Designer


UX Designer

This lovely and energetic UX Designer is always ready to kick your ass in a fossball match. When it comes to actual football, she'll also show you how it's done. She really enjoys watching anime and movies such as Totoro and Spirited Away. Phi is always ready and willing to assist any of her colleagues with her design skills or in any way she can, all that's needed is to ask she's there, happy to help.

Rasmus - Senior Mobile Developer


Senior Mobile Developer

Rasmus, that multifaceted man, creator of smart applications and also a Professor in the northern part of Denmark. He loves mountain bikes and the book series of Song of Ice and Fire, aka Game of Thrones. After getting a job as an IT consultant he was asked if he wouldn't rather want to become a developer, and so just like that, he did. If you ask him anything to do with music, rock and jazz will always be the answer.

Sergio - Digital Content Specialist- Spain


Digital Content Specialist- Spain

He could have easily landed a role in one of Pedro Almodovar’s movies: a chatty young man with a flair for design and aesthetics. Sergio is very fond of his native Madrid. In addition to keeping our Spanish customers updated and productive, Sergio knows how to convey a message in an easy-to-read but fun way. Social media is his dimension and he always adds a little bit of his personal spice to it.

Whitney - Senior Copywriter - UK


Senior Copywriter - UK

Having worked on three different continents throughout several stages of her life, Whitney would be lying if she said she hasn’t experienced real cultural encounters. A high flying girl who has climbed Mt. Fuji and jumped from the highest bungee in the world, it's not surprising she is always up for an adventure. As a former English teacher and editor, Whitney is without a doubt the right person for our English speaking users.

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