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Debitoor Team Days 2017: Hackathon!

Each year, our entire team takes a couple of days to get together in one office. Why do we do this? To build our internal communication, to develop closer relationships with our colleagues, but mainly to discuss how we can make Debitoor invoicing software even better for our users.

Debitoor invoicing software's annual team days this year was a hackathon

We work in teams that combine individuals from different backgrounds and different areas of Debitoor: marketing, communication, support, product development, all to ensure that each team covers the full Debitoor experience and can work towards comprehensive ideas and solutions.

This year, that meant an exciting project: a hackthon!

From Wednesday until Friday, the entire Debitoor team came together - over 40 people from 12 different countries - for this purpose.

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is typically an event that involves collaborative involvement to make changes or improvements to a software or hardware.

This means that developers as well as UX/UI (User experience) designers work together with those from other areas in the software development process. The goal is to develop new ideas and implement them in the software within a limited period of time.

The Debitoor Hackathon 2017

A hackathon at Debitoor looks something like the following: we all participate and had the opportunity to come up with our own ideas for changes/improvements to the software, propose it, and convince others to join us.

Suggestions came from developers, from customer support, and from our editors. Each team needed at least one developer to make sure their vision could come to life for the final presentations.

The Debitoor hackathon involved some late night working on the accounting & invoicing software

At Debitoor, it’s important that we’re always working towards something that will provide our users with a better experience. So most of the ideas came from user feedback, requests, and suggestions. We evaluated this information and did more research in order to come up with the best ideas for the hackathon.

Another important part of the hackthon was the result of the idea that we had chosen: was it possible to create in a matter of days? Did it provide the users with real value? Can it be implemented easily within the software?

It took six teams two full days of working late to get their ideas off the ground. What were the ideas? They covered things including website design, integrations, and new features. While we can’t reveal specifics just yet, keep an eye out for new developments in Debitoor.

Team days and support

You might be wondering: if everyone was involved in the hackathon teams, who was answering user questions and providing support? As you probably noticed if you wrote us last week, we were there for you.

All of your questions were answered by our management team. Equally as diverse as the full Debitoor team, they could cover all the languages in which we offer support. Hats off to our CEO who also handled support!