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Your invoicing software - now even faster

New additions to features in software are usually pretty exciting for most users. But there are other changes to your invoicing software that can be a little more subtle, even difficult to notice without being pointed out.

For example, have you noticed that your Debitoor invoices, quotes, and delivery notes have been loading faster recently?

Optimisation of Debitoor invoicing software means even faster invoicing for you

To be more precise: 33% faster.

How do you make invoicing software faster?

Behind this improvement is Andrii, Senior Developer at Debitoor. He cleaned up the code in the software.

The script, which consists of a series of statements that essentially tells the application what to do, had some unnecessary calculations and executions of the code.

Which meant that there was room for optimisation. As you may have noticed, Debitoor has been growing quickly in features and functions, which means more code and scripting - and the optimisation of this code has an impact on other areas of the software.

The results of cleaning up code: faster invoicing software

For you as a user, this means that your invoice templates load and are processed even faster. The longer your invoice, the bigger the difference you’ll see in the speed.

The same applies to any quotes and delivery notes you create. Sounds pretty good? Maybe you’ll notice next time you’re finishing up that next big quote :).

Optimisation vs. new features in Debitoor

When we introduce small improvements like this, there is sometimes the sentiment that we are not spending this time adding features requested by users. However, this is far from the case. Improvements like this work to update the entire application, which also clears the way for more additions and improvements that have been requested.

Small changes like improved speed might not seem noticeable, but they improve your overall experience in Debitoor. And sometimes it’s good just to clean up and optimise the basics - always keeping new features and additions in mind ;).