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Create a credit note

How to issue a credit note on an invoice

If you send invoices to your clients, a credit note can be a very useful document in a variety of situations.

For example, you might issue a credit note if there was a mistake on an invoice or if your a customer decides not to purchase certain products after receiving their invoice.

With Debitoor, it’s easy to create a credit note for an invoice. The amount you list on the credit note will automatically be registered to the invoice, and partial payment from the customer can still be included.

Create a credit note in a click with Debitoor invoicing software. Try it free for 7 days.

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To create a credit note:

  • Go to your list of invoices and select the invoice for which you’d like to create a credit note.
  • Click on the ‘...More’ button to the top right of the invoice.

A screenshot showing how to create a credit note with Debitoor invoicing software

  • Select ‘Create >’ from the drop-down menu
  • Choose ‘Credit Note’

A screenshot showing how to create a credit note using Debitoor invoicing software

If necessary, edit the information in your credit note. A credit note will automatically register the total amount of the invoice, so make changes if you only want to issue a credit note for a partial amount.

When you’re ready, click the blue ‘Complete’ button.

A screenshot of Debitoor invoicing software, showing how to create a credit note

Your credit note will show up in the history of your invoice, with the amount and any partial payment received from the customer.

You can download your credit note as a PDF document, or you can send it to your customer via email.

A screenshot showing how to send a credit note created with Debitoor invoicing software

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Need a little more guidance? Check out this short video for a more interactive guide:

If you still have questions, get in touch with us through email or chat with us from within your Debitoor account!

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