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How to change your invoice number series

Add numbers and characters to your invoice number series

It’s one of the main requirements of every invoice you create: a unique invoice number, one that falls next in your invoice number sequence. Your invoice numbers should progress sequentially without any gaps or repeats.

Thankfully, Debitoor takes care of that for you. Once you’ve decided on the right invoice number sequence for your business, you can set it up in your Debitoor account simply by typing it into the ‘Invoice No.’ field in the next new invoice you create with our ready-made invoice templates.

The invoice number is read by the system so that the next time you hit the ‘New Invoice’ button in your invoice list, the invoice number will automatically apply the next sequential number of the invoice numbers you’ve entered.

Curious about how to choose the best invoice numbers for your business? Check our blog on custom invoice number series.

Here’s how to apply your new invoice number sequence:

Short on time? Here’s a quick step-by-step recap of the video:

  1. Click on your ‘Invoices’ tab and click the blue ‘New Invoice’ button
  2. In the ‘Invoice No.’ field at the top right of the invoice template, enter the first number of your new invoice number series
  3. That’s it! The next invoice you create will automatically apply the next in the number sequence you’ve entered for your invoices

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