Allan is the CTO of Debitoor. Apart from overseeing the development of the features and functions that give you the tools to easily manage your invoicing & accounting, he also contributes to the developer community through talks and presentations. He's a fan of react-native and open-source.


Trunk based development was broken for us. We fixed it with Koritsu.

Trunk Based Development is all the rage at the moment. Heavily advocated by experts. However, we found that Trunk Based Development has some serious flaws that for us were easily fixable as long as we broke some of the rules that the experts claim absolutely must be followed. Ganted in 2013, when we started our journey, we were not doing Trunk Based Development correctly, but our starting point was where a small software company had got to by listening to the Trunk Based Development experts.

To improve our use of Trunk Based Development, the team at Debitoor had to break a few rules

Breaking the rules

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