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M-commerce - What is m-commerce?

M-commerce refers to the use of mobile devices to complete a purchase or transaction online

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Not to be confused with e-commerce, though just as trendy, m-commerce (mobile commerce) refers specifically to the use of wireless electronic devices as a means for completing business transactions that are performed completely online.

Smartphones, tablets, and laptops are the devices most commonly used for m-commerce.

The growth of m-commerce

Online platforms and services have recently provided easy to use applications and improvements in mobile device technology have contributed to dramatic growth in transactions made outside the home or office.

A variety of other factors have contributed to the growth of m-commerce, including:

  • Increased demand for payment solutions outside a home or office
  • Widespread availability and use of smartphones and other easily portable devices
  • Improved online consumer experience, including interface ease-of-use and security
  • Widespread wifi and reliable internet service

Once an issue, security is no longer a concern with reliable services such as PayPal and Payever. These payment solutions offer a wide variety of methods to send and receive cash for commercial purposes.

Advantages and disadvantages

From a business perspective, m-commerce seems to offer a new approach to buying and selling. It makes it possible to complete commercial transactions literally anywhere, with just the touch of a finger on a screen.

Usability and convenience feature high on the list of advantages, along with:

  • Technology that does not necessarily need to be adapted to a smaller screen. Most mobile devices are now capable of handling full size browsers
  • A simplified approach to buying and selling
  • The ability to target the intended audience by gender, age, location, etc.
  • A mobile version or app that is even faster than a browser

While m-commerce sounds like a great opportunity for a new level of customer interaction, it is not without its disadvantages. These include:

  • A browser page with a lot of content and/or photos can take a long time to load
  • Creation of a mobile version likely requires the assistance of a developer, which means more costs to your company
  • A mobile version also usually has fewer features than the full browser version
  • A mobile app requires different version for different operating systems (iOS, Android, Blackberry, etc.)

M-commerce with Debitoor

Debitoor’s accounting and invoicing software is available on all portable electronic devices with an internet connection or wifi. The cloud-based platform can be accessed and updated on the go and transactions recorded as soon as payment is received. Our app market features integrations that make this process even smoother.

Plus, the Debitoor iOS app and Debitoor Android app make it easier than ever to manage your company on the go.