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The cloud – What is the cloud?

The cloud is a network of servers which help to run applications or deliver an online service.

Debitoor invoicing software runs in the cloud. Find out more about the advantages of cloud-based invoicing software or try Debitoor for free.

Unlike traditional software that needs to be downloaded or installed on your computer’s hard drive, cloud-based software exists online and is accessible through web browsers. Some cloud providers also offer mobile apps dedicated to their particular service.

If you use any online service to send emails, store files, listen to music, or watch films and TV, it’s most likely that you use cloud-based software.

Advantages of the cloud

One of the most obvious advantages of the cloud is that you can access your data anytime, anywhere – so long as you can access a device with an internet connection.

As cloud-based services are accessible online, you don’t need to download heavy software thats takes up space in your computer's storage or memory. And because remote severs handle the majority of the processing and storage, the cloud means that you don’t necessarily need a high-powered or expensive computer.

With cloud-based services, updates happen behind the scenes, meaning that you don’t need to interrupt your workflow in order to install updates. Bugs can also be fixed as they are spotted rather than having to wait for a whole new edition to be released.

Disadvantages of the cloud

Whilst the cloud has many benefits, there are also a few downfalls. Most obviously: you can’t access your data or cloud-based services without a good internet connection.

A common concern is that cloud-computing is less secure than traditional computing and that online services leave users vulnerable to hacking or data-loss. However, numerous studies have found that data secured in the cloud is actually more secure than data stored on a personal computer.

Debitoor invoicing software in the cloud

Because Debitoor invoicing software is cloud-based, you acess your account anywhere, anytime. With online invoicing software, you can send invoices from the office, at home, or on the go. And because all of your documents are stored in the cloud,your invoices, expenses, payment recpiets, and credit notes are accessible at any time from any device.

Find out why you should switch to cloud-based invoicing & accounting software, or try Debitoor with our seven-day free trial.

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