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Why switch to invoicing & accounting in the cloud?

The arrival of a new year often comes with an assortment of resolutions for the 12 months to come. From finally trying the Whole 30 diet, to waking up a bit earlier to do a short meditation in the morning, to starting a new project for your business, resolutions often fall short without the right support.

If invoicing is part of your business life, and is in any way related to a resolution to being more organised, thankfully there’s only one thing you need to make it happen (ok, one thing and a little motivation to get started).

Word and Excel invoice templates can certainly put a damper on your organisational aspirations. So for 2017, in the spirit of helping you uphold your resolutions, we suggest a switch to cloud-based invoicing software - a move that will undoubtedly help with at least one goal.

Software that helps you sleep at night: cloud-based invoicing software like Debitoor is as cosy as this computer on a duvet.

Why you should choose cloud-based invoicing software

If you’re not yet familiar with the concept of the cloud, the most important things to know are that your data is always safe and always accessible from any device.

Cloud-based invoicing and accounting software like Debitoor means that you can login, create & send online invoices to your customers, enter invoice payments, upload expenses, view customer details, and more, from anywhere and at any time.

Users sometimes ask us how to download Debitoor. That’s another plus of being cloud-based: there’s no need to download any clunky software, so it doesn’t take up any space on your computer or tablet. All you need is an internet connection.

The difference between cloud-based and downloaded software

While some may argue that downloaded software seems a bit more solid, we beg to differ. Any data stored on software that has been downloaded is susceptible to the condition of your device. This means that any hard drive crashes, viruses, malware, can all impact the data in your downloaded software.

In contrast, cloud-based software like Debitoor is constantly updated, employs the latest in online security, and is backed-up regularly in two separate servers, meaning that it is virtually impossible to lose your data. Much safer than if it were stored within your old laptop.

And if you still feel more comfortable having that data stored on your home computer, it’s easy to export and save it, direct from your Debitoor account in just a few clicks.

In addition, in the cloud:

  • Software updates occur in the background, meaning no lengthy annoying installs interrupting your workflow
  • Any regulatory changes invoices are already applied to your invoice templates
  • As mentioned above, cloud-based software doesn’t take up any of your computer’s memory
  • Changes to your documents are made instantly, meaning you can see them right away across all devices
  • You save money by not needing to purchase pricey invoicing and accounting software that must be downloaded and installed
  • It’s faster. Provided you have a good internet connections, the new documents and the changes you make are stored instantly
  • You can create and send invoices from anywhere, anytime. Did we say that already?

In any case, the flexibility and ease-of-access offered by cloud-based software is unrivaled by programmes that need to be downloaded. In addition, the security levels are considerably higher in the cloud, an important element of record-keeping.

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