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Connecting to PieSync to sync contacts across apps

By connecting Debitoor to PieSync, all of your contacts will be syncing in real-time with hassle-free two-way syncing. That means you only need to set it up once, and any contact you add to either app will automatically sync with the connected app. Learn more about PieSync in our blog: 'Contacts across apps with PieSync'

It only takes a few minutes to sign up and get started.

1 Visit the Debitoor App Market and click on the PieSync link to sign up

From the Debitoor invoicing software App Market, choose PieSync

2 In your PieSync profile, search and select Debitoor and another app that you would like to sync with Debitoor. PieSync offers over 100 different applications to sync with your Debitoor account. From iCloud to MailChimp, to Salesforce. Choose your app.

Find Debitoor invoicing software in the PieSync directory to sync to any other application they offer

3 You will need to authorise both applications. You will be prompted to do so to and for Debitoor a window will pop up where you can click ‘Allow’.

Authorise Debitoor invoicing software and your chosen app to sync

4 You’ll then see your options for syncing the two applications. You can adjust certain settings, including which application should “win” in the event of the same contact in both but with slightly different details.

View Debitoor invoicing software and the other app you've selected and the settings you can apply

5 Once you’ve got your settings ready, scroll to the bottom and click ‘Start syncing’!

6 Your two accounts will be synced instantly and you will see all of your Google contacts added in your Debitoor ‘Contacts’ tab (and vice versa)!

Your synced contacts will appear in your Debitoor invoicing software 'Contacts' tab

Questions? Contact us anytime at [email protected] or get in touch in the in-app chat.