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Contacts across apps with PieSync

You’re likely familiar with the drill. You get a new mobile or sign up to a new programme and are faced with the often daunting and time-consuming task of adding or transferring all the details of the contacts you’ll be needing.

In some instances, it may only be a few and can be done quickly or even as you go. But as you begin to work with more and more customers. In today’s world, you’ll probably have contacts on your phone, on your CMS, on your invoicing software, and maybe across other apps.

Keeping these updated and ensuring you have all the names and contact information you need can quickly become tedious and end up costing you time that can be spent on more important aspects of running your business. Enter PieSync.

Set PieSync up once in Debitoor invoicing software and never worry again about adding contacts across applications with the 2-way sync

How PieSync works

PieSync is designed to make it possible to sync contacts instantly, and constantly across apps. They currently work with over 100 different applications and are adding new ones regularly. PieSync offers 2-way syncing of all the details you need across your chosen apps.

Been storing all your contacts in Google contacts or iCloud and need to import them to Debitoor? Or want to sync Debitoor with your MailChimp contacts to send newsletters to your customers? No problem - connect the PieSync integration, select the app and Debitoor, and see your contacts sync instantly.

The smart PieSync system also allows you to set rules ensuring that no contacts will be duplicated, and if details are different for the same contact in two apps, which one should ‘win’.

Not only that, but as you add new contacts to either Debitoor or the linked app, they are synced automatically to the other app - meaning you need only add them in one place. Eliminating the need to go through endless lists of contacts and make sure the details are correct when entered in the new app.

Debitoor and PieSync

For Debitoor users, this means that if your full list of users has been kept up to this point in your Google account, and you have to have several tabs open when creating a new invoice or adding a new contact, that’s no longer necessary.

Your contacts from Google can instantly be transferred to your Debitoor account with PieSync, as well as any new contacts you add.

How to connect Debitoor and PieSync

Want to start using PieSync to make sure all your contacts are available instantly in your Debitoor account? You’ll find it in our App Market where you can learn more about their pricing structure, connect, and get the integration set up in a matter of minutes.

Pricing and capacity

PieSync’s pricing structure is based on the number of contacts you’ll be syncing. They offer 3 different levels, starting at $19 USD/month with increasing customisation options for each level depending on number of contacts. But - sign up now and get a 14 day free trial!

The number of contacts that you can keep synced is, essentially, unlimited. This means that those 2,000 customers you have kept in your icloud over the years can now all be synced in moments across applications you’re using for your business.


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