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Aged debtors report

Aged debtors report - What is an aged debtors report?

An aged debtors report is a list of customers that owe payment to your business

Keep track of the money owed to your company. Filter your invoices to view which customers have an outstanding balance with Debitoor.

Simply put, the aged debtor report provides a detailed list of which customers (debtors) owe your company money. It can be issued at any given time to gain an overview of when payments are expected, whether any are overdue, and which customers might need a little reminder.

What’s in the report

An aged debtors report will typically be broken down to provide you with clear answers regarding not only how much each customer owes, but also which customers owe your business the most money, how long each customer has owed, what credit limit you have given them, and when you can expect payment in full.

Working with the report

The aged debtors report not only provides important information to you as a business owner, but can be useful to others as well.

The bank manager for your business might ask to see this information if you have applied for a loan or plan to apply for one in the future. Money owed to the business could indicate future income or could suggest that the credit limits offered to customers should be re-evaluated.

A high number of customers who have owed you money for more than 30 days (for example) could indicate that you are not being paid by your customers (debtors) in a timely manner.

Viewing payments in Debitoor

Debitoor allows you to keep track of every invoice you send, each customer you work with and when their payments are overdue. Our search feature provides a filter by which you can search across all invoices, based on amount, customer name, payment date, invoice number, and more.

When payment is made, Debitoor recognises it in your bank statement and automatically matches the transaction with the correct invoice!

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