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Open items debtor - What are open items debtor?

Definition: these are any sales invoices that have yet to be paid and can also include any customer receipts, which may have been posted to the customer ledger card, but not matched against the sale/sales invoices the payment relates to, e.g. payments on account.

When you run your aged debt report at any given date the report will show all invoices that are unpaid at that date along with any customer receipts which have not been matched with the invoice. This report should be a mirror image of the Debtor Control Account in the balance sheet.

Clear unmatched customer receipts

It is important to clear any unmatched customer receipts especially if you are using the Cash Accounting VAT Scheme as this is the trigger in sending the VAT element to your VAT return.

If you have processed a sales invoice in a different currency to your base (the customer receipt must also be processed in the same currency as your sales invoice) by matching the invoice to the receipt the system automatically generates the exchange gain/loss and posts the amount for you.