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iZettle-Debitoor integration

A relative newcomer and yet already making a big impact on simplifying the payment process for freelancers and small businesses. We’re talking about iZettle, an app and card reader that make it easy to accept payment from customers anytime and anywhere.

Although it may seem like a fairly basic POS solution, iZettle is unique in that it is completely and effortlessly mobile. The card reader is small and lightweight, easy to carry for business and has the added bonus of being considerably more affordable than a traditional credit card terminal.


iZettle is available to anyone. All you need to get started is your mobile or tablet, the card reader, and a few minutes to sign up. After that, you’re ready to start accepting payments.

How does the Debitoor-iZettle integration work?

Once your sales start racking up through iZettle, you’ll likely need a way to manage those payments. That’s where Debitoor invoicing and accounting software comes in: making it easy to manage your sales and stay on top of your business finances.

And by this, we mean an integration that automatically takes care of the accounting part for you. Allow us to explain:

Let’s say you are a freelancer (a photographer, for example) or that you own a small business and your customer wishes to pay for your services by credit card.

Simply take out your mobile or tablet, connect the iZettle card reader (which easily fits in your pocket), and your customer can pay then and there.

If your iZettle is connected to Debitoor, that payment is then automatically registered in your Debitoor account without the need for any additional steps. That’s it. Three steps to getting paid, registering payment, and managing your business accounting like a boss:

  1. Provide the service/goods
  2. Get paid with iZettle
  3. Keep tabs on payments with Debitoor (and the Debitoor side is automatic, so we should really say 2.5 steps).

What are the advantages of the Debitoor-iZettle integration?

iZettle provides a new level of convenience for those who are self-employed and particularly for those who are in occupations that are relatively mobile (great for photographers, electricians, plumbers, taxi drivers, etc.).

But it’s also an easy payment solution for brick-and-mortar shops, especially when compared to the standard, traditional credit card terminals, which can be quite pricey and often complicated to use.

Just a few of the main advantages of conncecting iZettle with a Debitoor account:

  • Increase sales. Have you ever lost out on a sale because you weren’t able to offer a fast and easy option for payment? With iZettle, you can accept payment anywhere, quickly and easily. If you have a shop, eliminate cash register queues by toting a small, functional point of sale for your customers.
  • Synchronised sales and accounting. All sales completed through iZettle are automatically registered in Debitoor. Without you needing to lift a finger.
  • Save time. Because all payments are registered automatically, this saves you time and the tedious task of recording and managing cash flow for your business.
  • Cut down on costs. Debitoor and iZettle are working to help your business save money. This means offering minimal transaction fees.

How to integrate iZettle and Debitoor

Connecting iZettle to your Debitoor account takes only a few minutes. Our short video tutorial shows you how:

Is the iZettle-Debitoor integration free?

It is completely free to connect your Debitoor account to iZettle. However, most good things (like the convenience of using iZettle) come with a price but the price is minimal and you only pay per transaction – from 2.75% to just 1%.

Interested in getting started with iZettle? Check out their site to learn more about prices, providing an easy payment solution to your customers, and simplifying cash flow management with the Debitoor integration.