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Debitoor helps you to improve your workflow with your accountant. Give your accountant access to export the data you have created in Debitoor invoicing and accounting software.

You may think you won't need an accountant to help you with your business, but here are a couple of reasons you should reconsider.

The benefits of working with an accountant

  • As a professional, they can figure out what works best for your business
  • Accountants have extensive knowledge of business concepts and regulations
  • Your accountant can decide on the best ways to help your business grow
  • Your accountant will save you valuable time that you can then spend doing the things you love
  • With just a few clicks, your accountant can check your accounts and reassure you that your business is safe and sound

Accountant + accounting software = a match made in heaven

You can export your data from Debitoor invoicing and accounting software at any time. Or you can invite your accountant to access your accounts and let them export all the relevant data necessary for their tasks.

Why you should invite your accountant to your account

  • Why you should invite your accountant to your account
  • No more exchanging files or binders back and forward
  • Saves valuable time for both you and your accountant
  • Your accountant gets free access to your accounts
  • Working in the same software, your accountant can serve more clients

So sit back and let your accountant check your data - their access is read-only, so you don't have to worry that they'll accidently mess up any of your invoices, reports, or any other important data.

Quick facts

You can invite your accountant to the Debitoor accounting software for free from any Debitoor plan.

From Debitoor Studio, your accountant can access your data, export your invoices, expenses, products, customers or suppliers in a .CSV or Excel format.

The access for your accountant is free.

Invite your accountant to your accounts in Debitoor today under 'Contacts' > 'Accountant'. They are provided access straight away and the collaboration can begin.

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