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The balance sheet shows the financial condition of your business. Combined with the income statement, the balance sheet is one of the pillars of your accounting.

Presenting you with an overview of the financial condition of your business, the balance sheet is a document or financial report that shows the assets, liabilities, and equity available to your company at a specific time.

This information is very important, not only to maintain an idea of the financial health of your company, but also to make wise decisions for the future.

In Debitoor, we present the balance sheet as assets (property value), equity (money), and liabilities (money owed to others), and you can print it at any time with just a click.

balance sheet

In addition, you can compare your current balance situation with previous years. As a result, you can see how the capital structure of your company has evolved.

This information lets you know how to invest your resources, tells you if you have enough to invest in assets and evaluates how you invested the assets of your company throughout your activity.

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With one of our paid plans, you can generate the balance sheet of your business at any time of the year and compare it with the previous fiscal year.