Accounting and Invoicing in your language

There are no limits. Work across borders in many different languages.

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With the multilingual function you can do your accounting and invoicing in Spanish, German, French, Italian, English, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, or Danish wherever your Debitoor account is located.

There are no limits for a freelancer

Debitoor is an invoicing and accounting software available in many countries. And many of our users live and also work across national borders.

Freelancers often travel and settle in different countries, especially within the EU. Sometimes for new experiences or business opportunities, or simply by necessity. No matter the reason, the number of freelancers and entrepreneurs who decide to try their luck in another country is increasing.

However, one issue might become apparent along the way: the various national languages. While English has become the international language used for business communication, each European country does accounting and invoicing in their own language.

And for those entrepreneurs and freelancers who see beyond borders, it can become a struggle. Debitoor wants to help.

Invoicing in your language

Because we are aware of the difficulties faced by freelancers and entrepreneurs starting a new business in another country, we want to make it easy in Debitoor.

Debitoor is an invoicing and accounting application that is available in the five major European markets: Germany, France, UK, Italy and Spain.

This means that our application is adapted to the invoicing and accounting regulations of these countries.

Until now, it was only possible to work in the language of the country, which caused some grumbling among our international users. "I’m based in Spain but would like to have the application in English, how come it’s not possible to change languages even if Debitoor is available in the UK in English?"

It was a technical difficulty that we have been able to resolve: now you can work with Debitoor in the five major European languages (English, German, French, Italian and Spanish), as well as Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish.

Are you English and want to open a startup in Germany or France? The language will not be an issue, because you can do your invoicing and accounting following German or French standards in your language.

Quick facts

Debitoor, is an accounting and invoicing software designed for SMEs and freelancers where you can change the language of the application. You can open and manage your German Debitoor account in English or another language.

The available languages are: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish.

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